HP Promo Probook 4525S Laptop: Enhanced with Powerful Components


HP Promo Probook 4525S Laptop: Enhanced with powerful components

HP laptop updates are eagerly observed by many users. Generally the new pro series are attractive and less expensive with all required features available. The latest from the Hp Company is HP Promo probook 4525S with a dual core processor. Like the previous laptops, it has the same aluminum body construction. Over all, the outer look of the laptop is stylish and elegant. It has a 15.6 inch wide screen that makes it comfortable for the users to handle. They have a built in web cam that is two megapixels. The laptop comes along with several attractive features such as diagonal LED backlit HD which is anti glaring and 2GB RAM with LI-Ion battery. HP has successfully added powerful components to the laptop with fewer rises in the cost. Though the laptop has lithium battery they have a life of only two to three hours. This is considered as a major disadvantage in HP Promo Probook. Hence it can be used like a desktop with an AC outlet.

The HP Promo probook 4525S Laptop The touch controls are an attractive feature of HP Promo Probook. The outer look seems to be substantial and solid. The laptop is very big and heavy. Hence it is quite difficult to carry around. It is 14.6 inches wide and around 10 inches deep. They are not comfortable for people who keep moving as they are heavy. There are usually 2 USB ports along with a Ethernet, memory card reader and an audio output. One major advantage of HP is that one can charge USB, mobile phones even when the laptop is switched off or asleep. Some special features of the HP Promo Probook 4525S laptop include Bluetooth, wireless adapter and HDMI.

The keypad has awesome features. The push keypad has full sized keys along with a number pad that is very easy and convenient for the users. The touch pad in the Hp Promo Probook can be adjusted and customized according to the needs of the users. The laptop comes along with a 2GB RAM loaded in it. In order to make use of the 4GB RAM one has to have 64 bit software. If the RAM has to be upgraded then the keyboard has to be removed. Though it is not a complicated step it does require some work. As this is a basic computer only simple video and graphic needs will be met.

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