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Are you looking for best photo apps for iphone to improve the quality of your pictures? Well, you are at right place. Today we will post short review of top 8 apps for capturing better quality pictures with your iphone.

  1. Tiltshift Generator

Make all your photos reflect your almighty superiority complex. With a host of individual controls, you can get all your snaps looking like they were taken in colorful miniature, or in a foggy dream world. That sounds about right.

  1. Leme Camera

Leme offers up a good selection of retro snapper styles as well as some awesomely named effects, including ‘Valentine Martini’, ‘Fallen Angel’ and ‘Blue Hawaii’. Added smarts come in the form of a 10x continuous shot mode.

  1. Photo transfer Apps

Once you master camera apps, you’ll be snapping away like a pro. But transferring pics to your hard drive can be painful without this handy app, which will copy 100 images at once to your desktop over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

  1. Gorillacam

Things the iPhone 4’s camera won’t do out of the box: self-timer, continuous burst shooting, a thirds grid, a spirit level… the list goes on. Luckily, these are all the things Gorillacam fixes in a jiffy. Oh, and smile: it’s free.

  1. Swankolab

We’re not short of retro camera apps on the App Store, but Swankolab is different from the rest in that it aims to recreate the feel of a film darkroom, rather than instantly converting digital pics into colour-shifted old-o-vision. You get to play around with chemicals, trays and wooden pegs, all without having to seal off the downstairs bathroom with bin bags and gaffer tape. Mix up your liquids as you see fit, plop in your picture and wait for the results. If you hit on a magical formula you can save it for future use. And there’s no weird smells involved.

  1. Infinite Eye

Some will call this pointless and headache-inducing, but those who have found their third eyes will appreciate the endless psychedelia spewed out on the screen. Kind of a video feedback generator with extra lo-fi effects.

  1. FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro lets you fine tune your iPhone’s video settings for better results. You gel control over focus and exposure – which can be locked – as well as having selectable frame rates, white balance lock, and colour bars.

  1. Precolator

This coffee-themed effects app will brew images into fantastic mosaics. Choose your ‘Grind’ (the size of the circles), then your ‘Brewing’ effect, before adding the final ‘Serving’ filter. Gives hours of Image-editing joy.

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