Best 3D Computer Screens below $700


Best 3D Computer Screens below $700

Your computer was the place where you could get the 3D content for over the years. And when you were interested in playing the 3D games with dual video cards as well as some special drivers you could simply get the one that suits your gaming profile before. The world is getting more and more developed in the 3D eras in playing and viewing the 3D games and content as a whole. The advancement in the 3D technology should be praised to give people the chance to enjoy the 3D life as provided by the NVIDIA. As far as possible, Acer disclosed a couple of 3D computer screens to their users together with its 27-inch HN274JH as well as 23.6-inch HS244HQ series. The bigger screen ones usually offer NVIDIA 3D vision support as well as the supplementary 3D input devices similar to the PS3s along with Blu-ray players. It is also equipped with an integrated transmitter on the behalf of active 3D glasses with 100M:1 contrast ratio in addition to the 3D vision glasses are shipped with the main product. Not only that, it consists of 3 HDMI ports with HDCP support, a VGA port, along with a DVI port in favor of  connectivity. The measurement gives the width of 25.2 inches, height of 18.4 inches and the diameter of 7.6 inches with the highest refresh rates for handling the video games as well as movies resulting high quality images. The Acer Adaptive contrast management technology is used in the screen for the contrast optimization as well as the screen for achieving each and every sight of concerned games or movies. It is the most powerful tool on providing the fun and visual experience for years to approach launched by the Acer on its new 3D displays. The clarity level of the 3D screen is on the ultra high standard as well as 50 percent of the power saving with respect to the other 3D clarifications which are the compelling payback of the tool. The premium 3D multimedia has its own standard settings.

The Acer 3Ds display provides us the complete impression upon the virtual 3D world whilst the contemporary intend to grant the stylish skin tone. Moreover, it is equipped with more convenient touch-sensitive control systems and with more earth-friendly equipments. Another Acer screen of 23.6 inches also do have the integrated IR emitter made for 3D glasses but in place of NVIDIA 3D vision glasses, so the replacement is fulfilled with Acer branded ones logically the smaller ones uses. The small screen is prepared with 12Million:1 contrast ratio with 2 milliseconds feedback time meant for quick acts in gaming and movies as well. As already told it is operational with the VGA as well as dual HDMI ports so as the 3D experience could possibly be intended for better entertainment holding the secondary tools. Both the screens don’t have so much price difference according to the 3D display quality it provides, the one with 27 inches comes for $689 moreover the 23.6 inches comes for $449 and available most of the parts of the world now.

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