The Wishing Well for the iPhone 5


Throw your Coins and Predict!

Our previous articles have been dedicated to how the whole of techosphere has been rocked by recent rumors on the alleged unveiling of the iPhone 5. You see, there are heaps of scuttlebutts regarding how the new iPhone will look and what name it will be called. Half of the fun comes from the escalating reports about how grand the newest Apple smartphone will turn out. Can the latest Apple iPhone continue the legacy of the great tech firm?

That we will find out soon.

If we go back, the previous product releases were more ‘evolutionary than revolutionary’ (words lifted from Yahoo News), and they are the iPhone 4S and the New iPad: These gizmos offered nothing more than improvements from its predecessors. Not a leap, just a step up from what they were as gadgets.

Nevertheless, I believe this can be a great window for opportunity for Apple to raise the bar for innovation and a lot of surprises for the waiting crowd.

Predictably, the new iPhone will look pretty much the same- maintaining that familiar design. Although tweaking it into a larger size can be a welcoming addition. Previous iPhones used to have a 3.5 inch screen; if the maker ever starts to upscale its size, the better. Who wouldn’t love, let’s say, a 4-inch screen iPhone that can rival Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X- two of the super phones of today. If the display is the subject, this is an area which Apple can capitalize on by developing a strategic change on its familiar product designs.

There is also a bigger chance that the next iPhone will have a significant cut on its anatomy. It can be slightly thinner than its past counterparts, utilizing the famous in-cell technology. According to Wall Street Journal, “This technology will allow Apple to integrate touch sensors into the LCD, eliminating one layer of the phone. It could also help cut costs and simplify Apple’s supply chain even further.”

The texture of the latest iPhone is likely to be made of aluminum. I guess Apple had enough of people complaining how fragile and susceptible to scratches the glass backs of the previous iPhones were. The next iPhone will run on Long Term Evolution, or 4G high-speed networks from AT&T and Verizon VZ. This enables the users to have their phones consume data at a faster speed.

Using LTE is a double-edged sword, though. At the cost of fast and exciting data consumption is the speedy decline of the gadget’s battery life. If Apple really wants to make people drop their jaws in utter amazement for the new iPhone, they might want to work on improving its battery life.

Another selling point of the ‘would-be’ iPhone 5 is the integration of Near-Field Communication (NFC).According to Yahoo News: “Apple started to open up the possibility and potential for the iPhone becoming a “digital wallet” when it announced Passbook, as part of iOS 6, its new mobile operating system.”

So have you thrown your coins and wished only the best for the iPhone 5? Stop wishing, my friend! Sell your Samsung Captivate and be awarded with lots of cash for the purchase of the iPhone 5!

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