ASUS G73JH Gamers Paradise with HD LED Display


ASUS G73JH Gamers Paradise with HD LED display

ASUS G73JH is a gamers’ paradise laptop. It’s an amazing gaming laptop; it has an Intel Quad-core along with turbo boost processor which is the latest high speed processor available in the market and has made the product faster while comparing it with the other latest laptops. ASUS G73JH-X5 has an 8GB DDR3 RAM which has a whopping speed of 1066MHz with sockets and till 8GB memory support. This laptop has a 640GB (320 x 2) which is high while comparing with other similar series of gaming laptop computers. The Hard Disk Drives has a Rotation per Minute of 7200. It has a Blue Combo Drive with 802.11b/g/n.

This model contains ATI 5870 graphic card which allows gamers to play the game which require high graphics. ATI5870 with IG GDDR5 will allow the gamers to play in great visual quality. Republic of gamers (ASUS G73JH-X5) model has Windows 64-bit System which allows playing high definition games. ASUS G73JH-X5 Republic of gamers has a 17.3 High Definition 1920 LED display that provides the gamer a wide screen display. The laptop also provides a built in webcam facility with 2.0 Mega Pixel resolution.

The Asus model has an Altec speakers with High Definition sound systems. G73JH-X5 has a product dimension 19.7 x 11.4 x 16.5 inches; with net product weight of 8.5 pounds. G73JH-X5 takes the gaming world to next level with high definition in a fast and furious way. The product will never have a problem of rebooting or restarting like other reviewers. The cooling system of this system is very much quiet and effective and this help the user to game for a longer period of time. The rubberized coating of ASUS G73JH-X5 provides the notebook a macho look but it need to be kept away from dust because it collects dust pretty quickly.

The stickers on the laptop’s wrist area can be easily peeled off without leaving any stains. The power cord plug is at the right side of the notebook which is close to the USB port. ASUS G73JH-X5 Republic of gamers comes with a price tag of $1,399.99 only, the company is now giving a 12% off on the notebook price with free shipping charges. G73JH-X5 also includes one year accidental damage warranty. Hence one can get the best features for gaming in the ASUS laptop with a high performance power and comfort.

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