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With hundreds of potential different hair colours to choose from, sometimes finding inspiration for that one special shade which will suit you perfectly is more difficult than you could ever have imagined. Thankfully though, the internet is here to help us through these tough decisions and thanks to the great online pinboard Pinterest, inspiration is easier to find than ever.

For Starters, What Actually Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a brilliant photo sharing website in the style of thousands of separate pinboards, allowing anyone to create their own themed collection of photographs. Anyone can browse around the different boards for inspiration, adding images to their own collection by re-pinning, or simply ‘liking’ the image Facebook style. Every pinboard generally has a theme of its own to allow people to organise the images they are pinning in an easier way, so that in return those images can be found quickly by people searching for ideas.
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It’s quite simple really: whatever you’re thinking of doing is likely to have been done already, and even more likely to have been posted on Pinterest. Say you fancied trying out some coloured contact lenses for example; simply tap in ‘coloured contact lenses’ into the website’s search bar and see the results. You’re likely to find a great bunch of different options to have a look at before you decide which design is the right one for you.

Brilliant, But How Can It Help Me Find A Great Look?

One of the best uses for this wonderful pinboard website though, is when you’re looking for a new hair colour. No matter what shade you’re considering, Pinterest will help you see exactly what you can expect, and help you make up your mind whether or not to take the plunge. Even if you think the colour you’re thinking about is far too crazy and wild to have been done by anyone before, you’ll find that there will be someone who’s not only done it, but posted it online too!

For another example, let’s take the wild hair colour orange and tap ‘orange hair colours’ in to Pinterest. The first picture you’ll come across is an absolutely stunning looking neon pink and orange combination which might be too much even for the most hard core crazy colourer. However, looking deeper, you’ll find some other subtle shades of orange which are in some cases closer to a traditional red-head’s colour. From this starting point, the opportunities for self-improvement through Pinterest are unlimited; simply think about what you’d like to look like and see if there is anyone out there who has already attempted it!

Laura Watson adores writing about all fashion, beauty and style products, and is particularly found of bright, crazy coloured hair dye.

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