Analytics App: Tracking Website Stats On The Go


Analytics App: Tracking Website Stats On The Go It is really essential to track my clients website and my own, as a web developer and designer. The very pleasant Analytics App found and is available for both the iPad and iPhone which ties directly into your choice tracker is the Google Analytics.

Both the iPad and iPhone’s interface on this app is pretty the same, only in iPad it has a larger resolution which makes for a large interface, as its main difference. The interface is good generally though sometimes there is a feeling that it could be improved more in a modern way. It is a cross at this time between the not-so-nice app and modern iPhone app.

iPhone : App Store    iPad:  App Store (not a universal app)

It is All About the Stats!

An app such as this requires a tie in with Google Analytics for it to access all the features offered in the Google Analytics web version.

With Analytics App most of the features are well explained without doing a comparison, (feature by feature).

If you have a Google Analytics set up all the stats such as length of visit, bounce rate, depth of visit, computer information and demographics and more, you can keep track of all these multiple websites from your app. Simply put, all the things a normal person would want to see when it comes to statistics will be seen and even some more.


Analytics App really shows all the statistics like the way Google Analytics does, as it strikes a balance in the way it functions which is its main quality. It is such a big bonus to check next to the computer instead of checking your website in Safari, as you can do it while moving as you can both have it in your iPad and iPhone.

The app cost a little bit more in the app store, than the normal app but it is worth it really. Its definitely not that expensive if you think of it as an investment into your site.

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