A Quick Round Up Of Note 5’s Early Release Rumors


So apparently there have been reports and of widespread rumor that Samsung will release its Galaxy Note 5 early, again. Similar rumors had sprung up a few months ago as well. This new report claims that Samsung is planning to release its next-generation Galaxy Note 5 earlier than usual. The all-new and revolutionary phablet could now be in stores as early as July end or maybe the end of August, or even early September, it’s kind of hard to say for certain. But either way, Samsung is keen on getting the jump on Apple’s next gen iPhones, especially after it lost out on millions because it released after the 6 Plus.

Nonetheless, the report doing the rounds of blogo-sphere that the Note 5 could be launched by July. However, several bloggers had reported a potential May release a couple of months back. Whatever the reason or date might be, this comes as a big surprise as Samsung always launches the latest versions of its flagship models with a bang, and that too mostly around September or October. But, with Apple’s rumored iPhone 6s expected to be released and made available for purchase by September, it’s plausible that the Note 5 will come out before that.

A Quick Round Up Of Note 5's Early Release Rumors

After widespread rumors of a May, 2015 release, Samsung’s J.K. Shin had promptly rubbished the rumors. This time, however, he has added fuel to the fire by stating that his company was planning to release the Galaxy Note 5 in July, but it’s still yet to be decided. And if the CEO of a company is claiming that something is going to happen, you’d best believe it. Samsung is gearing up to stock store shelves with its phablet by the end of August or at least early September. This is a big move because firstly, Samsung is breaking tradition and secondly, it will give Samsung a few critical weeks of non-competitive selling of its flagship phablet. This move is based on the sentiment that premium phablet users would rather buy tomorrow’s technology now, rather than wait for the Apple’s official Note 5 competition to launch. A good sign for Samsung is that Apple hasn’t released any official word about the launch and release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus variants.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is rumored to feature a gigantic 5.9” AMOLED screen with a quad HD or display. The phablet will most likely be powered by Samsung’s Exynos octa-core processor, with certain variants being equipped with a Snapdragon Qualcomm 808 chipset and get boost in RAM of anything from 4-6 GB. The high-quality all-metal frame and aluminum will house a state-of-the-art 20 MP Isocell camera, with a number of cutting edge features; you might want to check out the design concepts at

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