How To Write Content That Ranks In Google


If you are an online marketer, then your main goal is to drive a continuous flow of traffic to your pages. Traffic is your lifeblood. Without it, your online enterprise will fail.

Fabric Digital, an award winning digital marketing agency, suggests that you can take advantage of the daily traffic generated online through search engines. There are 400 million searches on Google every day. It shows that many users go to search engines to look for information; therefore, when somebody looks for information related to your business, then your web page must show up on top of the search ranking.

How To Write Content That Ranks In Google

If your website is placed on top of the search list, the probability of your website to get visitors is higher; thus, you can get more traffic. To propel your website on top of the search engine, you need to apply an SEO strategy. One of the best techniques is content marketing. To understand fully how it works, you must understand first how Google ranks different websites.

Google Ranking

If you want to drive traffic to your site organically, meaning you are not going to use pay per click advertising, then Google needs to identify first what your website is all about. They run a complex algorithm to crawl over millions of contents online and index them; thus, when Google finds out that your website consists of valuable contents and aesthetically pleasing designs, you will get a higher ranking on the search result. Google does it to provide quality contents to its users.

Keyword Selection

Before you fill your website with loads of quality materials, you need to find first what exactly people are searching on Google that is related to your business. That way, you can write articles based on the keywords that people usually type on Google search box.

You can use a tool called Google Keyword Planner. It will help you determine which set of keywords has the highest number of searches at a certain period of time. You can choose to use four to six different keywords/phrases in your articles.

Write Highly Relevant and Quality Materials

Google ranks many different websites based on their quality score. If you regularly put high quality materials on your websites, then Google will recognize you; thus, leave a spot on your website where you can regularly publish high quality articles. You can put up a blog section or a newsletter page on your website.

Fabric Digital has a blog page on its website. They regularly add blog entries to help online users learn about the intricacies of digital marketing and website development.

Using the selected keywords, you can now start writing high quality articles. Make sure that your materials are valuable and useful to anyone who reads it. Write articles with at least 500 words. Make your keywords appear on each article five to seven times. That way, Google can easily identify what your content is all about. Whenever someone makes an inquiry relating to your keyword, Google can suggest your page on the search engine.

Avoid keyword stuffing. Some online marketers who are too lazy to research to provide useful contents resort to this method. They just fill their webpage with keywords in an attempt to manipulate their search ranking without providing usable contents.

The Google algorithm is smart enough to figure out which website provides genuine content and which one is not. They will even penalize websites that resort to keyword stuffing; thus, avoid this method at all cost.

You need to apply the mentioned methods to write content that ranks in Google. Even a highly successful digital marketing agency like Fabric Digital applies the same method. Write high quality materials not only to have a high search engine rank, but also to educate your online visitors.


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