A detailed comparison between iPhone and other smart phones


The iPhone 4, since its release still has people streaming in and out of stores to get themselves the smart phone that seems to be smarter than the all the rest. It is made of state of the art material such as the stainless steel bind and the aluminosilicate glass that is scratch resistant and as hardy as hard can get. It so thin with a thickness of just 9.3 millimeters and this makes it comfortable to carry in the palm. The iPhone 4 has an incredible 5 mega pixel camera that gives you amazing images and its secondary camera that’s front facing allows you to make face time calls and take beautiful pictures of yourself. iPhone 4 has a retina display that allows it to pick up many commands at once and respond fast. Also amazing is the feature that allows you to have quiet and undistracted phone conversations by filtering out background noises.

Now despite all these extraordinary features that come with the iPhone 4 they do have short falls and this leaves room for competitors to bring in new products. The Motorola Droid is one such competitor that gives you a sleek smart phone with impressive attributes. It has a very fine and attractive finish and has something that the iPhone 4 will never have; a 5 row QWERTY keyboard. Keyboard lovers went ecstatic over this release by Motorola and Verizon wireless. The Motorola Droid 3 comes with a dual core 1 gigahertz that is combined with the Android OS 2.3 and together these make this gadget super fast. Just like the Droid 2, the Droid 3 has overseas GSM roaming capabilities and the large display it has operates at qHD resolution to give clear cut graphics and text that you will just love.
There are still other models of the smart phone that are impressive in ways that the iPhone 4 is not. The HTC Thunderbolt for example may not be your smart phone of choice but it is certainly a good bargain for your money. It comes with the 4G LTE from Verizon that gives it out of this world speed on downloads (up to 15 megs on the phone!) the rear camera is 8 mega pixels and gives images that are only as surreal as the word is and yes, it has a front facing camera as well for all your self portrait needs and video calls. In this regard it is hard not to mention the Nokia E7 that also has an 8 mega pixel camera that gives you sharp and precise images. Its hinge design is unbeatable and it moves up to reveal a flawless QWERTY keyboard for keyboard.

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