The Top Ten HVAC Problems


There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a typical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and finding an expert to fix them is essential. While there are undoubtedly plenty of ways to mitigate, repair or avoid HVAC issues at home, certain problems go beyond what a normal homeowner can handle.

Here are the top 10 problems that require professional help.

1.Broken AC
During the hot summer months, air conditioning units get overloaded and fail. Homeowners may try to fix them, but dealing with compressors and condensers can be extremely dangerous. Furthermore, the fact that self-repairs usually void warranties makes it important to call a pro.

2.No Heat
Similar to broken AC problems, heating systems can fail with little or no warning. Again, the importance of professional help can’t be understated. The systems are extremely complex, and homeowners are likely to make things worse without proper repair training.

3.External Failures
Most HVAC systems generate more heat than they can distribute or use and the excess must be expelled outdoors. When external fans fail due to bad motors, entire comfort systems shut down, usually as an automatic response to prevent overloading. Professionals can replace or repair exhaust systems to get things up and running again.

Pathogens and toxic bacteria like legionella, which causes Legionnaire’s disease, can work their way into vents and ducts. These emergencies require thorough internal system cleaning and filter replacement and the same goes for duct infestation by larger creatures, which can spread disease.

5.Basic Maintenance
While the need for maintenance isn’t usually classified as an emergency, a lot of the other emergencies mentioned here are more likely to occur in systems that are improperly maintained. Filter replacements and system checks go a long way toward preventing bigger problems later on.

6.Broken Reversing Valve
The reversing valve is a critical HVAC component that switches the machinery from cooling to heating and vice versa as the seasons change. If this valve is broken, the system will still work, but it will definitely make things very uncomfortable for residents.

7.Thermostat Failure
Similar to reversing valve problems, thermostat failures make it impossible to control the heating or cooling action, regardless whether the HVAC system has the potential to function properly. Sometimes thermostats can be repaired, but in many cases replacements are necessary.

8.Air Duct Problems
Sometimes air ducts collapse or get punctured, decreasing the functionality and efficiency of the entire system. Everything from earthquakes to simple house settling can cause joints to come apart under strain or loosen hanging hardware that must be replaced.

9.Dirty Condensers
When condensers get dirty they can’t transfer heat energy as well, which can eventually damage compressors irrevocably, so it’s important to correct the problem early on.

10.Broken Boilers or Furnaces
Many homes still rely on furnaces and boilers for heat. When these devices degrade over time, becoming less capable or failing completely, these issues must be corrected by professionals who can repair or replace the unit.

Whether in winter or summer, an HVAC system that doesn’t work causes problems. By letting the professionals handle the issues, homeowners can ensure the smooth functioning of their systems when they need them the most.

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