What Sort Of Technology Will Your Future Home Feature?


Property investment company Quick Move Now looks at the role technology has to play in our homes:

Home technology is an area that is constantly being developed, and now a group of tech experts have got together to make a number of predictions regarding the level of technology that will feature in our properties within the next 15 years.

Smartphone controlled homes: Want to know how much salad is left in your fridge, when you need to buy milk or whether you left your radio on? Just ask your smart phone! The experts predict that by 2030 our homes will be totally controlled by our smart phones. The suggestion is that a network of sensors, apps and camera will send real-time video to our phones, control lighting, music, temperature and even send us messages when we need to replenish our groceries.

Smart windows: Looking onto the outside world will be far too mundane for the home of the future. The tech experts predict that every glass surface in our house will soon double up as a screen. Select from a wide range of breathe-taking views, social media or a movie; a window will no longer be just a window.

Holographic TV: Truly holographic, 3D TV has been a staple part of sci-fi for the last few decades, and it now looks like it’s about to become a reality.

Advanced 3D home printers: Tired of getting halfway through a job around the house and realising you need a different tool? Having people round for dinner and fancy some new plates? The experts are predicting that by 2030 a new generation of 3D home printers will enable us to print out anything from clothing, to tools, to electronics, and even food with just a block of ‘raw material’ and a ‘recipe’ we download from the internet.

What Sort Of Technology Will Your Future Home Feature?

Shower curtain multimedia screen: Similar to the smart window, scientists are predicting that we won’t be sheltered from technology even when taking our morning shower! Techy specialists are currently working on the technology to enable us to check our facebook while washing our hair and order more shampoo before we reach for our towel, by making an interactive multimedia shower curtain screen.

Self-heating towels: Speaking of towels…do you love the feeling of a towel straight off the radiator or just out of the dryer? Experts are currently working on self-heating towels!

Smart mirror: Struggle to pick an outfit in the mornings? Scientists are predicting that by 2030 our homes will feature ‘smart mirrors’ which feature a virtual wardrobe that allows homeowners to try different outfits before getting dressed. The programme will even make polite suggestions for outfits to help you look your best.

Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in our home lives, and that looks set to continue and increase as greater, more powerful technology is developed and adopted into daily life.

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