A Consumer Review of Teach Me Sushi Expert App for iPhone


A Consumer Review of Teach Me Sushi Expert App for iPhone

Teach Me Sushi Expert is intended as a follow on to the original Teach Me Sushi, and also has a number of new features. There are a number of new recipes included, as well as instruction on video for 6 different types of sushi that you’re likely to find on offer in a restaurant, such as Philadelphia Roll, Temari, and Shrimp Tempura.

The new version follows the same formula as the original, featuring step-by-step as well as video instruction to teach the correct methods for preparing and serving various types of sushi. There are also bonus features of interesting information on the various kinds of sushi, such as texture, flavor, and composition. Some of the other features kept from the original are the rice timer and the very useful list of necessary equipment.

There are also a number of very nice brand-new features, such as the shopping list calculator for sushi. You just enter the number of people that you’ll be needing to serve, choose what kind of sushi you’re going to be making, and you’ll be provided with a list of exactly what amounts of the different ingredients you’ll be needing to buy. You’re even given a Google Map option that lets you find Japanese markets that sell the necessary ingredients and supplies.

The original version is probably easier to use, and is definitely more comprehensive, but this new one has the great calculator as well as additional varieties of sushi that are more challenging. As indicated by the name, this isn’t for beginners. There are none of the tips for such basic elements as choosing fish, cooking rice, and making rolls. It doesn’t really stand on its own as a source of instruction, particularly for those just starting to learn about the preparation of sushi, but for anyone who is more experienced and is in search of a greater variety of recipes, particularly the less simple ones, it could be a great resource.

Teach Me Sushi Expert serves well as a companion to the original version. It would be nice to see an option of a combined purchase, as the original has a wealth of useful information, and the expert version really works best as an addition to the first. If you’re a true fan of sushi who is experienced enough not to need any instructions in the basics, and you’re wanting to become more accomplished, then this may be the right purchase for you.

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