8 Tips for Using Facebook for Marketing


Facebook is the world’s largest online social community. Online Marketing through Facebook is becoming vital for the success of any business. Marketing activities on Facebook is like a complimentary gift for any website. The approach that you might already be applying on your site can be enhanced by repeating that on Facebook and capturing the 700 million odd users which present a huge market.

You can set some goals for yourself for Facebook Marketing. Goals can include the reduction of your traditional marketing cost, optimizing your brand or improving customer service as well as customer acquisition.

What are the main Goals for Facebook Marketing

To keep it simple, you can set three main goals for your Facebook Marketing. These goals are increasing Facebook ‘likes’, Improving Engagement and Increasing Sales. This is same as building email subscriber database for your site or business, building fans and followers to engage them as a part of your community. But at the end, you need to sell them your product.

Tips for achieving the main Goal, that is, Facebook ‘likes’

Facebook ‘likes’ is the great way for distributing content, news and ideas that further help you to make your subscribers. However, Facebook ‘likes’ does not work similar as email marketing. In fact, it enhances your marketing mix.

So what will you do to increase the Facebook ‘likes’? Some tips are mentioned below:

  1. Inform your existing prospects through email that now you have a Facebook page. Do not forget to place the link of your Facebook page in that email and encourage them to visit that page.
  2. Invite your family and friends to ‘like’ your Facebook Page.
  3. Offer a PDF or a free gift to incite people to ‘like’ your Facebook Page.
  4. Embed your blog or site with “Facebook Social Plug-in” at the top of the right side banner. This will allow the visitors to ‘like’ your page without going on the Facebook.
  5. Join related Facebook groups and also write blog posts and comments that will drive the direct traffic to your fan page to connect you on Facebook.
  6. Provide a link of your Facebook page in your email newsletter banner, on both at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page of the newsletter.
  7. Capture emails by using your Facebook page for your email marketing. Email Marketing is still a very effective marketing tool, though it is a bit old. Make it simple and easy for people to subscribe you through email to receive updated news, contents and blog posts on their Facebook via email.
  8. Provide a link on your Facebook to subscribe your blog or site via RSS.

Facebook is a powerful and effective marketing tool that enables to reach you not only to your fans but also to the friends of your fans. So it gives us the platform of multiplier effect for sharing.

Roberta Smith writes for She enjoys content and writing about the social sphere.

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