Seven Reasons To Go Digital With Your Kids Books


Paper books will always be with us, and this is because there are times when you won’t have access to a gadget so a child can read a digital book. However, if you’re at home or in a place where your child can read a digital book, there are at least 7 reasons why you should consider educating your kids in the world of words digitally.

Reason one is that many digital books for kids will read out loud, and at the same-time they highlight the words. Every parent is driven crazy by a child asking for the same story over and over again, but with digital books, when they read them over and over, it will help them learn how words are spelt, and what they mean.

Reason two is that if your kids get stuck with a particular word and can’t pronounce it properly, they can click on the word to hear it spoken. The beauty of this for parents is that you won’t have to consistently say the same word over again. At the click of a button your child will be able to learn how a word they find difficult is pronounced. By the way, if hearing the word “beautiful” is driving you crazy, invest in a set of headphones!

Reason three is that digital books are designed so they look like paper books, when it’s time to turn a page, it will do this just like a normal book. This will get your kids used to how a paper book looks and feels so they won’t be put off when they can’t read the digital version.

Reason four is that any illustrations with books like this are animated. This means that digital books for children can really come to life in front of them. They can not only enjoy the experience of listening to a story, but they can lose themselves in the magical world of whatever they’re reading.

Reason five is there are often little quizzes at the end of a story. Many children have a pretty short attention span (this isn’t because they’re stupid, it’s because they’re inquisitive about everything around them). If you read a book to your child using a paper book, they may not take everything in. By incorporating a quiz at the end of a story, this will help your child with attention to detail.

Reason six is that if you start early, you will educate your kids to use their computers for something educational. They won’t get into the bad habit of spending their spare-time shooting zombies or some other type of mythical creature.

Reason seven is because digital books for kids are so much fun they won’t develop an aversion to reading. They’re vocabularies will be much wider than other kids who don’t read in this way.

There you have it, seven reasons why you should get your kids interested in reading digital books. It’s a great way to educate them at home without them knowing it. Of course, your kids can do this by themselves, but it’s important you interact as well. Don’t forget that a good old bed-time story is one great way to bond with your children.

Author: Michelle is a qualified teacher who loves writing books about children’s perspectives.

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