5 Things You Should Never Forget While Designing Your Business Cards


Business card has the sole responsibility of bridging you and your business to the outside world. You may be dressed in the cotton floral, sipping a Pina-colada at some beach and may just happen to meet a potential business prospect out there. Your perspective client may excuse the informal attire, but if even your business card fails to impress them, you may perhaps bid the entire business potential goodbye!

Having an impressive business card is no longer an optional luxury, but an inevitable investment. The business card speaks volumes about you and your business, and the subliminal attention to details. Here is telling you what all you can do, in order to get a rather riveting and eye-catching business card.

  • Make your card stand out from the crowd – We all have seen zillions of business cards that all look exactly alike. We all know of places where one can get 1000s of business cards for a meager amount of 99 cents or less. But is that going to do any significant contribution towards your business? No way! Every business is unique and hence you have to make your business card stand unique amidst the crowds. Let your business card define and represent your business, for instance a custom T shirt manufacturer printing his business cards in the shape of a T shirt, a landscaper may make use of pouches containing seeds of popular flowers, in order to promote his business. Be creative. Innovation always is the In Thing!

Business Cards

  • Consider having a pro – We do not have anything against the home made business cards, in fact you would soon see us endorsing the same, but the fact of the matter is, you should not compromise on the quality and professional edge of the business cards. Like the most of us, you are good with conceptualizing and creating an idea, but don’t have the enough skill set to turn the same into reality, better hire a professional who makes a living out of the same. And please, you may find a lot of other ways to save that extra buck, please let business cards printing be an exception.
  • Make it catchy – You need to pamper and mollycoddle your audiences in reading and buying anything. You just have to! So there is no point in arguing about the same, trying to defy the same etc. Thus, give them enough reasons to read your business card. Start with a catchy tagline, use an impressive logo, make the too irresistible for them to just “fold and keep”. There is only so much space that you can get in your business card and hence you better use it wisely.

We leave you with two very unique and creative ways in which the organizations have dared to be out of the box with their online printing and also have experienced enough success in the bargain.

  • Represent your business – we tried to brush up on the subject matter above as well, and here we find it more appropriate to stress on the same. Make your business card represent your business. For instance, this one US based company which was into the business of securing scholarships for the students had their business card printed in the shape of a diploma degree. Similarly do not completely negate the hand made cards. If you are into the business of art and craft, gift wrappings etc, you may want to use a handmade card, in order to represent your skill and creativity.
  • Cut some unique shapes – though it is not professionally recommended to have your business card chopped off in unique shapes and designs, but if your business gives you enough liberty to be out of the box and try your hand at it, then you must not let the opportunity slip away. This one furniture company had the contact details at one side, and also the directions to fold the business card. Once the card was folded, it formed a small little intriguing desktop chair. Needless to say, the tiny desktop chair made out of thick paper rested proudly on the desktop of each of the clients.

Written by Omid Dixon:

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