Wolfram Alpha Against Google


Wolfram alpha against Google

Despite the fact that most queries can be answered in Google, other complicated or even less complicated arithmetic’s can only be answered in Wolfram alpha.

In Google and most other search engines, one searches using keywords and hopes to find them in sites or blogs such as mine. If you are searching for general information about people or even products, then Wolfram alpha might not be the best search engine for you as it is only for computational knowledge. It therefore works abit differently from Google and other similar search engines.in some cases, you might want to search for something but Wolfram Alpha gives you opposite answers because it misunderstood you. Fortunately though, wolfram alpha gives you a list of suggestions so you can easily correct the search engine and get your desired results. These are but some of the reasons you cannot compare Google and wolfram alpha simply because they serve different purposes.

So if you are for instance looking for ingredients on a food product, simply select “used as food” as Wolfram Alpha might give you a different answer may be of a celebrity or something totally different from what you were looking for. I would suggest wolfram to those carrying out research as you get direct answers on a particular search, example when was Queen Elizabeth the second born? Unlike Google which will give you a list of URL’s that may contain your answer wolfram gives you the answer as required. Try performing arithmetic operations using wolfram and Google and see for yourself? Google will direct you to a web page that contains the software that will perform that calculation; Wolfram will give you instant results.

You can also easily input a URL in Wolfram Alpha and have it compile all the information about the site. I tried this with my site (cravingtech.com/blog) the search engine gave me this stats: I wish I was still a university student with the knowledge that in every time of need, Wolfram Alpha is there to help me out. Wolfram Alpha, another big rival for Google? Oh wait, I am glad I am not a university student anymore. Some would say there is no clear cutting between wolfram and Google while some would prefer Google than wolfram, the question still remains how would you rate a search engine that gives you an instant direct answer instead of directing you to other web pages?

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