5 Things To Consider Before Developing Apps For iOS Devices


App development process for iPad and iPhone should be quite straightforward. Here are things to consider before we begin:

1. Be familiar with a Mac platform:

iPad and iPhone are embedded in Apple’s territory and if we want to develop apps for them, it is better to have a proper development environment. It’s a good time to buy a Mac and set our beloved Windows PC machine for a while. Actually it’s possible to make apps for App Store without a Mac, such using the latest Flash standards, but it’s far from ideal in many cases. If you own a Mac, app development for iOS should be much less complicated.

5 Things To Consider Before Developing Apps For IOS Devices

2. Get familiar with developers environment:

After procuring a Mac, it’s important to be familiar with the Xcode. Developers can download it for free, but they need to sign up as official developers first. For a single year, the enrolment cost would be about $99. Alternatively, we can purchase Xcode for $4.49 directly from Apple. Newcomers should choose this step, especially if they are not sure whether they can submit an app within a year.

However, there’s extra help if developers sign up as paid developers, such as direct access to iOS updates. It is also possible for them to test the apps on their own physical iOS devices, rather than on a software-based simulator.

3. Get familiar with Objective C:

Objective C is the key programming language used in the iOS environment. Some experts argue that they need to learn C before working with Objective C. However, if our sole plan is to develop simple apps for iOS devices then getting familiar with Objective C directly should be sufficient. However, people who want to have more rounded programming skill may consider learning standard C before moving to Objective C.

The whole process may look daunting if we never ever learned any programming language before. Programming code can look both ugly and cryptic to beginners. In this case, they need to find multiple very basic tutorials and take it slowly. Some books provide practical examples and instructions that are easy enough to follow. YouTube and other sources provide narrated instructions that are easier to understand than long-winded written tutorials.

4. Get ready to work really hard:

Developing any software can be very complicated. It could take weeks or perhaps months, so it is necessary to be particularly patient. Many apps in the App Store may look basic and even mediocre, but they often involve countless man hours to develop. Initially, people who are new to the development industry need spend more hours to complete an app, but their patience will be rewarded well.

There are many supports for beginners out there, especially if they’re not reluctant to sign up to software development forums and ask questions politely.

5. Understand the submission process:

If somehow we manage to finish our apps after hours of relentless hard work, it should be the time submit them. There are guidelines we need to follow and we should ask questions about hidden pitfalls from other more experienced developers.

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