10 iPhone Tricks for Your iPhone you Never Guess It Can Include


iPhone’s are just like the Mac they are absolutely spontaneous and easy to use. Like hood are that user will never even split open the user manual because the usage are just about everything are pretty apparent. However the ease of use can be a double edged sword because there are lots of tiny but expedient features that are usually hidden. If the manufacturer of iPhone make them more exposed it can take away the modishness of the device. In iPhone modishness is one of its best assets.

I am pretty sure that many of us are power user and most probably already aware mostly of these tricks and tips in iPhone. But I consider also that some of us are just a casual user and just consider those tricks list useful. Even some of my friends that are expert in iPhone after seeing this draft admit that they would pick up at least two of the tricks they didn’t know yet. So, here are the tricks of your iPhone and find out how many of it you already known:

10 Useful iPhone Tricks that You Amazed to Know

10 iPhone Tricks for Your iPhone you Never Guess It Can Include

1. Tweet a photo openly from your Camera Roll

To do this just head to your camera roll and then select your preferred photo. At the bottom at the left hand corner of the photo there is an arrow icon there, hit it and the menu will appear. Then choose “twitter” found in the row and the menu will come appear along with the attached photo in the top right. Then type what you want to tweet, hit send, and you’ll successfully tweet your photo.

2. Download automatically new apps directly on your device

If you have a lot of Apple devices this could be a handy feature. This is great that allows you to automatically download apps and music on your device. This can be done by, first, go to setting, and then navigate to the middle of the page. Afterwards, select option “Store”. Then see a button “Automatic Downloads” then head to options form Apps, Music or both.

3. Speed up your iPhone through selecting what Spotlight indexes

Spotlight is a helpful tool to easily finding stuff in your phone, you can make it a helpful item by, heading to the Settings, then tap General, and then choose Spotlight search. You can pick what your device indexes and expedite the interface.

4.View Websites in Full Screen

This trick is a little bit easy, while browsing a website using Safari, turn your device to the side, then hit the full-screen icon, and then it viewed the site in a full screen without disruption.

5. Enable Private Browsing for Safari

By turning this option on you can assure that your Safari browsing stays private. Head to Settings, then select Safari, then switch Private Browsing on – found the in the middle of the pages.

6.Take a Screenshot of your Screen

This can be done by pressing and hold the Sleep/Wake option, and then select the Home button. Then a flash will capture at your screen and the picture will come into view in your Camera Roll.

7. Find Your Phone

If ever your phone was lost this trick is very beneficial, first head to Settings then select “Location Services” and then turn on “Find My Phone”, after that you can now able to locate your phone using other Apple devices. This trick allows you to sound an alarm, lock the phone and even erase important data remotely.

8. LED Alerts

Set your LED flash in the Accessibility settings tab then it will blink when there is a notification. This trick is for the people who annoyed to hear alarms and vibration buzzes.

9. Use Siri Unnoticeably

This trick is for the people that don’t want to shout out their questions to Siri but want to broadcast it back to them. First, go to Setting, select General, and then Siri. Then Switch on the last option in the list which is “Raise to Speak”, then Siri will activate very time you raise your phone to your ear.

10.Modify the font in your Notes app

If you are not already please with the note app’s marker font of your phone, you can change it anyway. Head to Setting, then choose Notes. In this menu you have three options of fonts to choose with.

Hope you’ll find these tricks helpful and fun!


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