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5 Points To Optimize On Your Facebook Page


Since the revolution that was the Facebook timeline in March this year, brands have been busy changing their pages to make the most of the new features and applications that the new timeline allowed. Despite 6 months having flown by, many businesses are still wondering how to get started with optimising their timelines, so here are a few key pointers to help you make yours better.

The cover photo
The cover photo gives brands a chance to highlight key images that mean something to them at that point in time. In grand style, a new campaign, product or offer can be highlighted on your profile page, ensuring everyone gets to know about it. Post beautiful, eye-catching images here, maybe with a few choice words, and remember to change your cover picture on a regular basis to make the most of the opportunities it presents.

The profile picture
Facebook has recommended that companies use their standard logos on their profile pictures to help brand recognition. Whilst this approach can certainly ensure quick and accurate recognition of your posts from your fans, it doesn’t hurt to change it from time to time. Sales, brand initiatives and product launches can all be publicised via the profile picture, so make clever changes for short periods of time to drive people to your page.

Pin and highlight
If you didn’t already know it, your new timeline gives you the ability to ‘pin’ important content at the top of the timeline to ensure it gets seen by all your visitors. Pinned content stays featured at the top of your timeline for as long as you leave it there, so it is perfect for promoting a sale, letting customers know about a competition and promoting new products.

As well as the pin feature, you can also draw attention to the most important content using the ‘highlight’ function, which stretches your content across the entire width of your timeline. This is perfect for visual content such as photographs and videos, and can be a great way to draw attention to your products and drive visitors to your online store or website.

 Views and apps
The views and apps section allows brands to choose what users see on their pages, which is essential if you intend to use Facebook to promote products and offers. Get to know how you can present your main page to the best effect, letting people see both status updates and regular offers at a glance.

Another unique feature of the new ‘timeline’ scenario is the integration of milestones in the timeline of an individual or company. If you know what you’re doing, you can use these to great advantage to help promote your business. As well as adding in key dates such as when the company was established or when you opened your second branch to more ingenious ways of date marking your history. Sony UK managed a great example of this when they asked their fans to share their personal memories and moments of their brand. This led to the timeline being peppered with things such as “Aaron played the new NKOTB album on the Sony Discman he got for his 12th birthday” and other such touching moments.

* Image is a screenshot from Sony Uk Facebook Page

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