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If your business doesn’t at least have a site that is optimised for mobile devices, you’re sure to be missing out on vital business right now. 50% of users will abandon a web page if it doesn’t load within 10 seconds, and three out of five of these people will never return to that site. As well as having one, a good mobile site needs to be designed with your customers experience in mind, and to be engaging and usable as well as supportive of your brand ideas and company image.

If your mobile site isn’t up to scratch, then now is the time to sit up and take notice of this emerging market and ensure your company is ready to supply mobile users with the experience they seek. Here are some top ways to improve your mobile web strategy and ensure your business is mobile ready.

What do mobile users want?
Get to know your mobile customer as you would any other segment of your consumer demographics. Research what mobile users are looking for and what their habits and interested are. Find out when and where they are using their devices to access sites and understand what makes them tick. Realise that mobile users, by nature, need instant interaction with a brand so if they see your advert in the paper or on TV they will instantly reach for their phone.

What do YOUR mobile users want?
Use your own data to find out what mobile users come to your site for. After all, there were 20% of them who patiently waited while your non optimised site chugged away trying to load on their phones. Find out where these people went, what pages or products they viewed and what they wanted to know. Build a picture of how mobile users use your site and use this as the building blocks for your new mobile marketing strategy.

Think small
Get all your content optimised for the small screen by engaging with a good mobile web platform provider or agency. Pick a partner who uses rich, interactive mobile media technology with HTML5, but still allows for compatibility with older devices. Make sure that reporting and campaign management are all built into the service as these will be highly valuable as you continue to evolve your mobile strategy.

Use your findings
Use what you’ve learned from your analysis to focus your mobile strategy. If you found on analysis that 80% of your mobile customers are looking for your phone number or location, then ensure you have a well-designed contact page that is easily discovered. If you find people are looking for advice or guidance from your company, then design your mobile experience with this in mind.

Learn from the leaders
Use the success of major brands and companies to inspire and guide you. Some of the best mobile sites include Amazon, who has made mobile access to their shopping experience highly refined and easy, as well as eBay, who report one mobile transaction being processed every second. As well as these, McDonalds have proven to be highly successful in driving customers to their stores with location based voucher codes and offers. Think about the unique opportunities that mobile browsing can present and think about how these can work for your business.

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