LG Infinia 50PX950


The LG Infinia 50 of the LG PX950 series stands as one of the best plasma TVs this year alongwith other models of this series. The LG Infinia 50 is capable of showing both 3D and 2D material in excellent quality.

The Good Facets of the Model

The LG Infinia 50 is capable of producing deep black levels and appropriate colors altogether. It easily manages the 1080 p/ 24 sources alongwith producing an excellent 3D performance with a number of collaborative and streaming features. Apart from that, the LG Infinia 50 has widespread picture controls, a solid styling of a plane design and a 2 inch deep panel. It has a Magic Wand remote that works quite well.

The Poor Points of the LG Infinia 50

Alongwith the good points of this TV, there are also bad points such as its black levels that are brighter than leading plasma TVs. Other than that its 2D to 3D conversion is quite unproductive and it has fewer collaborative applications and services than those present in other TV models. It has futile power use, showcases temporary image preservation at times and its Magic Wand gives the feel of a gimmick.


LG has set its name as the only plasma makers presently that offer the compactness of a single pane face that is the picture and the frame are both abutted by the same glass. You will also see a translucent stand stem and translucent edges with a glass crowned stand base. Figuring the depth of the LG Infinia, it is somewhere between the models of Panasonic which is 3.5 inches and the thin Samsung which is 1.4 inches.

However, the good thing about the LG’s leading 2010 products is that they have a Magic Wand remote which operates similar to the Wiimote motion controllers in the Nintendo Wii. The clicker is small in size and grips easily in the hand while the buttons can easily be found by feeling them but you need two basic buttons that is the Select and the Home button.

The pointer of the remote is very accurate and it resulted to be better than the Wiimote with its large icons providing great help. However, the Magic Wand does not perform well with applications such as Netflix and Yahoo thingamajigs. After some time the remote feels like a bane to innovation and you would want to use the multi buttoned standard menu system remote control. The standard remote requires only the movement of your thumb so it is easier to use it.

Features and Performance

The standard features included in the LG Infinia 50 PX950 are key TV features such as a plasma display compatibility, 3D compatibility, glass screen finish, an internet connection, a refresh rate of 60 Hz and 96 Hz, 1080p / 24 compatibility and a wireless HDMI/AV connection which is optional. Other than that its features include Netflix, Vudu video, YouTube, DLNA compliant and a USB. The performance of the LG Infinia proved to be great in some tests while disappointed in few fields but it is surely better than many other leading TVs available in the market.

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