10 iPhone Apps to Help you Achieve a Better Sleep


Apps that help you meditate

The following apps have been designed to help you relax and meditate before bedtime by preparing your body for a restful night’s sleep.

1-      Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson. Andrew’s soothing voice will gently give you relaxation guidelines for breathing correctly until you eventually fall asleep.

2-      Pzizz Sleep. This app uses a cool technology to make unique sleep audio tracks every night. There are plenty of themes you can choose from: you can choose an audio guide that help’s you fall asleep or some ambient sounds to set up the perfect sleep environment.

3-      Relax and Sleep Well – Glenn Harrold takes you to the deep state of self-hypnosis  with a 27 minute recording that helps you breathe and relax.

App that tells about your sleep habits

  10 iPhone apps to help you achieve a better sleep

What if your partner was the real reasons for your poor sleep? You are now able to find out the truth using these fun but handy apps:

4-      Sleep Talk Recorder – This app let you record yourself and your partner while you are sleeping in order to detect any bad habits such as sleep talking. The app is super smart as it features an advanced filtering function that qualifies sounds and actually only records sounds and snores.

Apps that track your sleep

Depending on what phase of sleep we are in, our bodies react differently: we can sleep more soundly, move a bit more or have a higher body temperature. Some apps are able to detect these different sleep phases and are designed to turn your mobile into a sleep tracking device providing you with lots of information about your sleeping patterns:

5-      Zeo Sleep Manager Pro – this app tracks the quality of your sleep every night and then gives you tailored advice to help you improve it.

6-      Sleep Cycle – Using your iPhone’s sensor, this app is able to monitor all your body’s movements and determine the sleeping phases you are in during the night in order to create a nightly record of your sleep.

Apps that help you sleep

7-      White Noise Lite – This app is specifically designed for insomniacs who know what kind of environment they need to put them to sleep. Whether you need to hear a heavy wind storm, a train ride or an oscillating fan you can be sure to find the specific white noise that makes your eyelids heavier.

Apps that help you wake up

8-      Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock – An intelligent alarm clock that analyses your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed.

9-      Sunrise Alarm Clock – This app is a dawn simulator that will help you wake up refreshed every morning. It basically uses the flash of your iPhone to gradually increase the light in your room to simulate dawn and rouse your body from the final stages of sleep

10-   Alarm Tunes – This app allows you to choose any sound track from your iTunes library and set it up as your alarm clock. It also features many benefits such as screen dimming, alarm fade in and shake to snooze.

This list of app for smartphones has been put together by Wedo-Mattresses, the UK specialist in orthopedic mattresses.

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  1. Thanks for the great app ideas! I work the late shift at DISH, and it can be hard to get to sleep right after I get home; I think I might try Sleep Cycle tonight. I have another cool app that helps me relax before bedtime; it’s called DISH Anywhere. I use it to stream live or recorded TV on my phone. It’s awesome because I can watch TV in bed without waking my wife up with the bright light and loud noise of our bedroom TV.

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