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Gadgets that are being used in home security have evolved from double locks to motion sensors. Now we got newer and more innovative safety equipment both in wired and wireless technology. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of wired and wireless home security gadgets.


Wireless Home Security Gadgets: Pros and Cons

In contrast to installing hardwired home security systems, wireless ones are easy to install and there’s no hassle. Time it takes to complete installation is shorter (in two hours or less), so you can use the device at once and they can be easily relocated when you decide to move houses. You also don’t need to drill into the walls or flooring so your home can look less messy than a wired system. Keypads, cameras and motion detectors linked to the main panel can be integrated with wiring unseen. A home without wires and multiple holes into the structure is more beautiful and appealing than those which look like a cobweb full of wires everywhere.

However, a disadvantage is that wireless home security gadgets may pass interferences of signals and data to other wireless networks. It can be your neighbor’s connection or anyone’s device that is nearby that would cause delay to the responsiveness of your home security system. In addition, be careful of choosing for the best manufactured alarms as some of them might not be reliable because of the interferences from wireless transmissions that may result to false trigger alarms. This can be prevented by strategically placing the sensors in places that cannot be intercepted by any other signals.

Another drawback of wireless systems is that since they are more modern and more high-technology devices, their costs are pretty higher than wired counterparts. Not only is the device more expensive but also its parts. So if there are parts that need repair for maintenance, get ready to shell out cash and consider the cost of replacing disposable batteries often.

Wired Home Security Gadgets: Pros and Cons

In terms of reliability, a hardwired home security device is considered the winner between the two choices. Wired systems can be your best option when you live in a large house. This is because sensors cannot communicate with the network when the device is too far from the signal router. Reliability of the device is at stake. When using wired home security alarms, you can be sure that there is strong signal being passed since they run through the wires and there would not be any risky security breaches.

When a thief who plans to break in detects that there’s a wired security gadget and then disables it, this device will immediately send out a signal when the wires are cut. This is unlike disabling wireless systems whereby you won’t know whether it’s still functioning or not until the burglar has broken in. The main disadvantage to a wired system though is that as mentioned above, it is far more difficult to install and you should take the security system with you wherever you relocate. Holes may cause damage to the existing structure of your home, so it’s better to consider hiring a construction professional to advice if additional holes are needed to be created for present good visual appeal.

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When choosing between a hardwired alarm system and a wireless alarm system, you should weigh these pros and cons and think things through. Cost would not be the primary deciding factor, since these alarms are great investments to start protecting your home. Don’t sacrifice quality with your safety and go for the one which can satisfy your security needs.

Author Bio: +Lara Chamley is head of security at one of Melbourne’s luxury apartment villages. She conducts a yearly talk on home security and has recently started business training.

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