Why You Shouldn’t Compare a Camera To a Tank


Why you shouldn’t compare a camera to a tank

There are often reviews about how the sleek and compact camera is built like a tank. They can be used in many extreme situations, and will often be incredibly durable no matter who is handling them. Although, a tank has to be handled by an expert, and this does not leave room for any other driver. The strong and sturdy photographic devices are actually built for the novice, and as such, the analogy may not be as correct.

Due to this, the line of models that have been created to withstand all extremities, such as waterproofing, image stabilization and shock resistance, all cased in a relatively strong box. However, there are many advantages to driving a tank. You get to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, sweeping in and succeeding before people know what’s coming. It is virtually impossible to do this with pictures. The professional models may boast an excellent point and shoot capacity, but for the average device, you may find yourself waiting for loading times, or allowing your image quality to suffer due to grainy pictures.

Models in this range are not typical of the genre, but the images may be indicative of an overdose of external features and not much by way of a processor. In many cases, the devices are fitted with a 7 megapixel LCD screen capturing feature, and the zoom is operated internally to avoid water damage. Of course, the zoom function is minimal, and will often not display the images as they are expected to perform. With this, the sharpness of the image can sometimes be lacking unless you are able to find the perfect gem inside the minefield.

If you are attempting to purchase a device that will enable you to utilize all these features, it is important that you test it out before you do so. There may be other problems that can be found in several models. Although there are fantastic shots that can be taken, there are many models that are sensitive to lighting situations, and often do not show up as accurately on the viewfinder or LCD screen. Of course, the colors look reasonable, but can sometimes need to be set at a higher level in order to be captured accurately.

Several models in this range have been astounding by way of menu functions and internal features. The picture modes can be fun and interesting, and the flash can be enough to be incredibly bright in dark areas. The shutter speeds can also be fantastic. For a heavier case, you would expect a lag with the processor, but most models do not show this.

Another surprising function was the video recorder. While most devices can be average or poor quality, there have been some models that fully capture an event with striking resolution and lengthy clips, although the latter is not always as standard. The ability to store images and videos on the memory card means that there will always be plenty of room to hold many more.

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