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Why You Should Go With a Cloud Reseller Hosting


Why you should go with a cloud reseller hosting

Many hosting companies nowadays are starting to understand that they are in a very competitive market and need to keep up with their competitors; otherwise they’ll be out of the game faster than you could blink.

This is why it’s vital for them to provide the best customer support, which is an important part of the equation, and of course, keep up with modern technologies. Without new offers and advantages, they could easily fail. And customers are the one who benefit from all of this.

The new cloud reseller hosting offers from a couple of hosting providers are a clear demonstration of how things should be done. There are literally a couple of competitors that offer reseller packages hosted on a cloud. This new hosting technology is only at the beginning of its life, and most people still use shared and VPS hosting, which are much less reliable.

A cloud is basically a network of usually hundreds or even thousands of server machines that combine all of their resources into one massive pool. From there, the hosting provider can create shared hosting accounts or virtualized dedicated servers with their own allotment of resources for their clients. The main advantage for the data center is that they use less space and energy for the same computing power, but the users are the ones who really reap the benefits.

Because the hosting account or dedicated server are virtualized, the amount of resources can be changed at will, which means one can start with a cheap dual core server with 2 GB of RAM and 200 GB of hard drive space and continue to grow it without a limit, because the data center can always add more machines to the cloud without interrupting normal operations. This means that once you get a cloud server, you never need to upgrade hosting packages, and you eliminate all the headaches related with that (moving the software, choosing the right amount and configuration of servers for a cluster, etc.).

Companies that offer cloud reseller packages have combined the best of both worlds for those who want to start an online hosting service or simply have a lot of customers who would benefit from hosting accounts as an add-on service (like web developers and designers, software sellers, and others). With cloud reseller hosting, you get the power and flexibility of a cloud server without having to worry about setting up the operating system, configuring the MySQL or Apache servers and keeping the whole system up to date and secure from external threats. The hosting provider does all of that for you, so you get more time to focus on your customers.

Because the whole service works on a cloud server, you no longer have to worry about exceeding limits or down time. You can have thousands of domains using a lot of processing power, and as long as you pay the bill, they’ll work well under any circumstances, whether they’re standing idle or are receiving thousands of visits per minute from Digg or other major social network.

And short of a force majeure like a hurricane or other natural catastrophe that would physically cut the data center’s Internet connection, nothing can create a downtime for you and your clients, because a cloud server is never taken offline (it can be upgraded on the fly) and the data center has all the necessary equipment (power generators, batteries, etc.) to keep everything running for days without electricity from the grid.

The prices for such packages are very affordable, and you should definitely check them out. For what is being offered and the prices, cloud reseller hosting packages are very attractive. If you need a reliable hosting solution to offer to your current clients or want to start a new web hosting company, then this may be the solution for you.

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