Revolutionary Microsoft Office 365?


One of the computer software, which has come to be necessary, is the Microsoft Office Suite. On June 28, 2011, Microsoft released one of their revolutionary products, the Microsoft Office 365 . Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service for a group of services and software.

Office 365 uses cloud technology to offer services like additional online storage on OneDrive, Lync web conferencing, Exchange Online that hosts email for businesses, and Skype world minutes. Office 365 is tiered to provide tailor made services to different kinds of consumers.

Revolutionary Microsoft Office 365?

With the free subscription offer, you will get access to all the Office desktop applications, iOS and Android mobile apps, Skype minutes and a lot more. Let us examine the tiers that are available in the Office 365.

Office 365: Personal

The personal subscription is the cheapest. It has a free subscription for one year after which you will have to pay for the services. Here is what is in store for you.

•    Access to all the latest Office apps, features, and updates

•    The full Office 2016 experience as installed on only one PC/Mac, Office Mobile installed on one tablet (iPad or Android tablet), and one phone.

•    Up to 60 Skype minutes per month. The minutes are available to call landline telephones in over 60 countries and mobile phones in eight countries.

•    1TB of OneDrive cloud storage

•    You will also get technical support from the trained experts at Microsoft through online chats or via phone. This service is free of charge.

Microsoft has different prices for each region, but it is always cheaper to go for the full annual subscription in advance.

Office 365: Home

Previously referred to as Home Premium, this subscription is an upgrade from the Office 365 Personal subscription.

•    The full Office 2016 experience is installed on five PCs/Macs, and Office Mobile installed on five tablets (iPad or Android tablet), and five phones.

•    One TB of OneDrive storage

•    Full access to office online and mobile apps

•    The Home subscription is best suited for mainstream consumers and families.

Office 365: Business Premium

This class combines both the specifications of Business and Business Essentials.

•    Allows for up to300 users with each installation

•    One TB of storage space on OneDrive

•    You will also get technical support from the trained experts at Microsoft through online chats or via phone. This service is free of charge.

•    Full access to desktop and Office mobile apps except for Microsoft Access and InfoPath

Office 365: Education

This suit comprises of Microsoft applications and services hosted for education purposes. It comes free of charge to schools and provides collaboration services hosted to include

•    Windows Live SkyDrive, Office Live Workspace,  Windows Live Alerts, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Outlook Live

•    Microsoft Live ID where a student gains access to applications like Windows Live Messenger, Outlook Live,  and much more when they sign in

When you buy it from a store, you will only get a written product key after tearing open the packaging. Regardless of where you buy Office 365, you will need to visit, enter your license number and then proceed to download the software. Finally, subscribing to the service means you always get the latest software.

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