Why Prepaid International Calling Card Plans Are Changing The Global Telecoms Industry


Can you use a network-independent platform to fund your long-distance/international mobile calls?  Are you perhaps still tied into the network operator from whom you bought your phone? Is there a prepaid calling card plan that you can use from any phone? Are there even reasonably priced long-distance calling plans available to purchase?

Prepaid Calling

The good news is that there are prepaid international calling card plans that are reasonably priced,  and which are a viable alternative service to your current service. These prepaid international calling card plans are revolutionizing the telecoms industry, in that they are driving the cost of long-distance and international calls down. If a telecoms service provider wants to stay in business, he has to compete with the prices of these prepaid plans.

The Multiple uses of Prepaid Calling Card Plans

The world is currently a global village, and most of us have friends and family spread all over the world. EnjoyPrepaid calling cards allow you to connect with your friends and family, both internationally and locally.  The good news is that the use of these prepaid calling plans is not only limited to your mobile phone. Here are 5 different ways you can use the prepaid calling card plan that you have purchased:

  • You can connect with other people via your office, home, mobil, and your college/university room phones.
  • You can also use these prepaid calling cards to call home when you are traveling abroad.
  • Your friends and family can call you from anywhere in the world by using your prepaid calling card plan.
  • You can make international calls from any phone to any other country in the world at the same rates as the cost of a domestic call.

Prepaid Calling Plan Options

Service providers who offer prepaid calling cards, often offer different plans for you to choose from. The plans or packages are broken down into the following aspects, with each plan consisting of a combination of these aspects:

  • Rounding – this is the number of minutes or seconds that the time of a call is rounded up/down to.
  • Weekly/monthly fee – this is the subscription fee that is charged by the service providers.
  • Domestic rate – the domestic rate is the minimum charge for each minute of the phone call.
  • PC-2-Phone features – with this feature, you are able to make calls or send messages from your desktop/laptop computer.
  • Mobile Application – does the company supplying the prepaid card have an accompanying mobile app that you can use when on your mobile devices.

Final words

There are many advantages of utilizing the services of a prepaid international calling card plan. In my opinion, the two main advantages are the convenience of having a prepaid plan and the cost of each call. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are calling from, or whom you are calling, you are still charged the same rate. Finally, these prepaid calling card plans are an innovative way to manage your global verbal communications.

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