Is Mobile Trading Future Of Binary Options?


Binary options are a financial product that changed the way we think about financial markets forever. Invented 8 years ago, they are entering a whole new era when they are no longer a fad, but a legitimate trading opportunity. Now, a new era is coming, as traders have changed in the past 8 years. Mobile trading in binary options is becoming more and more relevant, and one of the conditions that are defining a good broker.

Is Mobile Trading Future Of Binary Options?

Lifestyle that Defines Binary Options Trader

Binary options appeared on the market around the same time as iPhone – in 2007. Back in the days, no one was so obsessed with mobile phones, except the very few. Then, after smartphones became a necessity, more and more brokers started with the implementation of binary apps and mobile platforms. It is important to understand how in 2007 most of the traders were quite reluctant to place their trades via mobile phones, but that was about to change.

In order to get a better picture of how our usage of the mobile phone has changed just a quick glance at sales data is more than enough. In 2007 122.32 million of smartphones were sold all over the world, and in 2014 that number reached 1,244.74 billion sold units. In that period smartphones changed the way we think, take pictures and trade binary options.

Binary Apps Are a Must

Modern binary options traders want to have complete control over their trading portfolio and never miss a successful trade. They don’t want to sit whole day in front of their desktop computers and wait for a good trade, as they want to trade no matter where they are and what they are doing.

Most modern binary options brokers adapted to this new situation on the market and are delivering compatible mobile trading apps. In most cases, traders can use the same username and password and can do everything they do on the desktop platform. Binary options mobile apps are promising depositing, withdrawing, using same features that are available on the regular platform, and total control of the trades.

Some brokers even go that far, they don’t offer desktop platform anymore, but are only focused on delivering the best possible mobile trading experience. This is interesting standpoint, but still, the proper analysis is easier executed on the big chart, than on the mobile phone. Also, there are still many traders who prefer desktop trading, or who, for some reasons don’t want to use their phones for trading.

Binary Options Apps vs Social Trading

It can be concluded how binary options mobile trading apps are present of binary options, but we can expect more innovations in the future and they will all be based on mobile trading. Social trading and copy trading are already representing a new direction in the binary industry, but they also take place on mobile apps and platforms.

Considering the fact that average consumer prefers mobile phone rather than another device to spend time online, it is expected that binary brokers who don’t follow this trend simply won’t be able to fulfill traders’ expectations.

Binary options trading is very lucrative and profitable way of participating in financial markets that require no previous knowledge and experience in trading in financial markets.

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