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Why Install The Payvment Shopping App To Your Facebook Page?


As more and more business owners connect to the world of social media, so the level of discussion over the tangible benefits of social media marketing continues. A report from Econsultancy recently showed that the difficulty many business managers face is not in recognising the value of this approach but in measuring it. Traditional objectives such as an increase in sales were previously hard to track when using social mediums, but now it appears things might have changed.

What is the app?

The Payvment E-commerce Storefront is an app that joins Payvment’s shopping cart with Paypal to allow business owners to sell their goods directly through their Facebook page. The tool even allows web masters to add products and allocate them to chosen categories. With the option to upload photos, list terms and conditions and shipping information, it seems natural that more people are looking into this avenue to boost their profits.

Why use it?

The benefits of this revolutionary new channel are fairly straightforward. Customers can shop for products just as they would when using any other online Ecommerce site, all without leaving your Facebook Page. In fact it seems almost impossible to imagine how this app could fail to significantly increase your sales.

One of the most noteworthy benefits of social media marketing is the opportunity to create an online community. Regularly informing, engaging and interacting with your consumer base creates an atmosphere of trust, and often those monitoring these pages can expect to partake in regular discussions about products. Many enquiries left on Facebook profiles can lead to potential sales, with the right support and encouragement, but in the past where we had to rely on these customers making the leap across the world wide web to your official site, the need for this appears to have been eliminated.

The new app means you don’t have to worry about the so called “cooling off” period. When your customer, along with your help, is satisfied with their prospective purchase they can just go straight ahead and pay, eliminating time for them to change their minds, and in turn helping you generate more revenue.

To help drive sales even further you could also try offering coupons. This tool allows you to attract your visitors with the lure of discounts. Offering customers the opportunity to save money is proven to be effective time and time again, and it may just be the final factor that persuades them to part with their cash.

As well as this shopping cart, there are countless numbers of other apps which can help to personalise your page and help you gain the edge over your competitors.

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