Why Healthcare Providers Should Be Using Social Media


Using social media for any type of business or website is a way to appeal to a larger audience instantly without having to invest additional funds into marketing campaigns and advertisements. Hospitals and health care providers today are beginning to choose to implement the use of social networking and various forms of social media into their websites to help with keeping visitors and patients informed at all times while also boosting their own reputation and credibility online. Putting social media to use regardless of the type of health care facility you represent can help with keeping an entire audience as informed as possible about news, updates and the types of services your company provides to patients.

Broaden Your Reach

Hospitals and clinics that use social media with their own websites often include applications that allow users to instantly share articles, information and news with their own family and friends. By using applications to share all published material on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can instantly reach a wider audience without having to invest in additional online advertisements. It is also possible to integrate a commenting system that fits with the most popular social networking communities today to quickly engage your users on any area of your hospital or clinic’s website.

Having the actual professional medical staff create their own online social media accounts can help with effectively communicating with patients and those interested in seeking out new healthcare options and hospitals locally near them. By boosting the amount of exposure your hospital and its staff receives online, you are more likely to receive new patients and referrals from your current patients.

Share The News

You can also use social media to represent your hospital or health care providing facility by sharing new updates regarding insurance policies, newly upgraded equipment and even newly-hired doctors and medical staff to help with keeping the hospital relevant and patients referring others to your location for future medical issues. Using your medical facility’s social networking pages to share updates in the medical community, medical discoveries and even cures can also help with keeping your hospital or provider relevant while ensuring your patients you are actively involved with keeping them as healthy as possible.

One company that provides in-depth information on illnesses, diseases, symptoms and treatment options is the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is an online library resource complete with real studies from professionals and licensed doctors along with videos and guides for patients suffering with any type of ailment. The Mayo Clinic online boasts that more than 3,300 medical professionals are available on the site to provide free assistance, advice and guides for all visitors.

Implementing social media into any website that represents a hospital or any other type of health care provider is highly recommended when looking for new methods of keeping in touch with patients and appealing to a greater audience of patients who are in need. Social media is free to use and can greatly benefit healthcare providers seeking new ways of gaining new patients while boosting a reputation and credibility online.

Susan Jones is a writer and technology consultant specializing in the healthcare industry. She has written more about technology and healthcare at Healthcare Informatics Programs Online.

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