Water Damage: The Ultimate Enemy Of Technology


The idea that you could suddenly lose all of your technology overnight is one that makes many of us shudder. Can you imagine your laptop, your desktop, your television, your smartphone, your hard drive, your consoles, all being destroyed in one fell swoop? Obviously this is something that we desperately hope never happens to you – or us! – but it is a fact of life that water is not technology’s friend. The only times that we would ever want water to go anywhere near our technology is if we are using a water-cooling system for our desktops, but even they can be a little risky. That is why we have labelled water damage as the ultimate enemy of technology.

Water Damage: The Ultimate Enemy Of Technology

Water damage is actually an occurrence which is really common. Experts have estimated that every single home will experience water damage at least once, and that means that at some point or another, you are going to have to deal with water damage. There are many different ways that this could happen, and there are different ways to deal with each one, but there are three that are most likely to happen. That is why we have created this quick guide to help you through them if you are ever unfortunate enough to be forced to do so:

  1. Spilled drinks

We’ve all done it – one flail of the arm and the drink wobbles dangerously. We snatch our arm away and hope that it doesn’t fall . . . and most of the time it doesn’t. Every now and again it does, and that is usually when all hell breaks loose. Depending on exactly how much water has gone over your technology, you should be able to dry it out effectively by instantly removing the battery, and placing both the device and its battery in a big bowl of uncooked rice. Completely submerge them in rice, and leave them for at least 24 hours. Most of the time, they will be saved.

  1. Rain through the roof or water pipes bursting

This is less common, but is starting to happen more and more now we are seeing greater rainfall in areas across the world. The key here is to make sure that when you go to bed, you put all technology that you can away into something. Laptops into bags, consoles into cupboards, hard drives into drawers – that extra barrier should be able to keep your technology dry until you wake up the next morning and realise that water has been dropping from the ceiling or night. Water damage will happen if you leave them out in the open, as the water will fall right onto them.

  1. Flooding

The worst possible water damage always occurs when there is flooding. This is because unlike rain through your roof or pipes bursting, the water does not come from the ceiling down, but from the floor up – and we have a tendency to leave technology near the floor, for some reason. Once again, the answer to this is very simple: put it away! Most cupboards and drawers offer a very literal happy medium, being half way from the floor and half way through the ceiling. The more layers you put around your technology the longer it will take for the water to get to it, preventing water damage instantly.

We hope that you never have to deal with the upsetting scene of your favorite technology floating in your living room, and if you follow these very simple rules, then you hopefully never will. Whatever happens, just make sure that if you have a lot of very expensive bits of technology, that you insure them against water damage. Better safe than sorry.


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