Aleratec DVD/CD Copy Cruiser Pro LS


Many desktops come packed with great DVD and CD burning drives. However, these kinds of desktops can run at very high prices. If a user is not interested in an advanced computer system, but is interested in a fast way to copy discs, then the Aleratec DVD/CD Copy Cruiser Pro LS is a perfect solution.
The Copy Cruiser is famous for being fast. At $399, it might be a bit on the steep side, but it not only gets the job done, but gets it done in a highly admirable way. You might not think it from its simple looks as a small black cube, which measures 11.3×7.0x6.6 inches, but it is a beast. It weighs around 11.2 pounds, which makes it heavy, but for just cause. Packed inside the Copy Cruiser is the hardware necessary to copy any kind of disc.
The Copy Cruiser has two built-in drives. It’s as though you peel apart an advanced desktop and steal out the reader drive and burner drive, put them together, and you have a machine like the Copy Cruiser. With this machine, users can completely forgo using PCs for the basic copying of CDs and DVDs.
The 16X DVD-ROM is the top drive. Its function is to read the source disc that users want to have copied. Below the reader drive is the burner drive. The Copy Cruiser in this case packs in the highly-rated BenQ DW1625 LightScribe drive. Users should be more than excited to get this drive apart from a computer. It’s super-fast and super accurate.
Users need only to attach the Copy Cruiser to a power source outlet, and they’re good to go. On the top users will find the display and the navigational buttons that they’ll need to configure the burn. The display itself illuminates when it’s turned on and prepared to copy.
Users will have to choose CD or DVD, and the drive will even show a report after a test of the source disk to verify its compatibility. What is even more impressive is the new Edit Track feature, wherein a user can omit tracks for a CD that is to be copied. For DVDs, all formats can be copied with the Copy Cruiser.
However, the Copy Cruiser is not always standalone. Users can use the USB 2.0 port on the back to attach it to a Personal Computer, all they have to do is switch modes beforehand. Connecting it to a computer allows it to serve as an external recorder.
The Copy Cruiser comes packed with Nero 6.6, a suite of software for all things copy and burn. Once the user uploads the software and opens Nero’s LightScribe app, the Copy Cruiser will have the ability to laser print labels directly onto the new discs.
The Copy Cruiser is fast and efficient, and its printing capacity is impressive and convenient. Users will have lost a good dollar, but it will be a dollar well-spent.

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