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The Online Revolution: 5 Ways The Internet Has Modified Our Way Of Life


The Internet is a major advancement of the modern age. By some standards, the Internet is perhaps one of human kind’s greatest achievements. It is only fitting to pause, step back, and reflect on five ways the online revolution has modified the way people live their lives.

Online Education

Instead of spending countless hours driving to school to earn a degree, it is possible to attend a top-tier collegiate-level institution from the comfort of one’s own home. An aspiring specialty engineer could earn his or her Master of Electrical Engineering degree online on their own schedule instead of losing numerous hours in classrooms. In many ways, this advancement has made it possible for people to learn at a pace more suited to their busy lives.

The Online Revolution: 5 Ways The Internet Has Modified Our Way Of Life

Never Be Lost

The Internet allows people to function on the go without getting too horribly lost in the process. Even if a person does get lost, a digitally generated map is available to help them find their way again. With a smart phone or tablet in hand, it is not necessary to print out a physical map or directions anymore either.

Social Media

Prior to the Internet, people had to keep in touch through phone and the mail system. Today, people have email, instant messaging, and social networks like Facebook to reach out to one another across vast distances. Being able to carry your social network anywhere you go has also been a possibility because of how the Internet works.

Information at Our Fingertips

Before the Internet, people were stuck having to go down to the library to look up interesting information on topics they were interested in pursuing. Today, with the help of a search engine, a person can immediately learn about anything. This brings the potential to be smarter now than at any time in history.

The Internet Modifies How People Think

According to an article in The Guardian, the Internet is responsible for changing the way people think. When it comes to the question of whether or not the internet is having a physical effect on how our brain functions and its structure changes, the jury on that question is still out and open for discussion. Even if people are not cognitively aware of change going on, the articles people read and the discussions they engage in online certainly have an influence on how their thoughts are being shaped.

The Internet has been a part of a modern global lifestyle for more than two decades now. With people living a significant portion of their life online, it would be difficult to ignore how vast the influence of the Internet is on how humans choose to live. This is especially interesting in light of the fact that some people spend more time online than they do sleeping. This translates to being online more than a third of their lifespan.

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