Vizio XWR100 Dual-Band Wireless Router


Vizio having previously delivered great products in the home entertainment market has now put its feet into a totally different market. Vizio has now launched its brand new XWR100 dual band wireless router.


XWR100 dual brand wireless router is believed to be a great product which could fulfill any wireless connectivity needs with ultimate ease. However, this product could only be the best product in the market if it would have supported Gigabit Ethernet.

The product has been a great success since its launch as it scores high in terms of consumer response. On an average, it scores 9/10 on setup and ease of use, 8/10 on features, 7/10 on performance and 8/10 on service and support. One factor which is a letdown in this product is the web interface that lacks depth in terms of monitoring the settings of the router.

XWR100 Dual band wireless router is only priced at $80 which is believed to be nominal for the satisfaction it has to offer. Most consumers believe that this router is worth every single penny as it gives them great connectivity, strong signals and also longer range. The router has performed amazingly well on the tests which were conducted in order to judge the performance of the router in terms of signals, connectivity and range. However, if you’re interested in a product which also supports Gigabit Ethernet then Cisco Linksys E2000 would be recommended to you.

Design and Ease of Use:

The design of the XWR100 is believed to be very same as that of Linksys E2000. This product according to most consumers resembles an UFO and has a sleek casing which often needs cleaning as it easily catches finger prints on it. One designing feature which makes the product stand out is its antenna. The antenna has been hidden within the frame which makes the router look different compared to the other routers in the market.

Furthermore, in terms of designing, the manufacturer has placed four rubber feet which allow the router to stay put on any sort of surface and it also has the slot which would help mounting it on the wall. On the front side of the router, it has a white LED light which indicates the status whether the router is switched on or off. The whole array of lights show different things such as the ports connected, status of the wireless connectivity, Ethernet connection etc.

Positives: Vizio XWR100 Dual Band Wireless Internet Router offers its consumers great satisfaction in terms of connectivity, range and signals, has a great shape and designing which attract human eyes, rates 9/10 on ease of use.

Negatives: The Vizio XWR100 offers all solutions except for the support of Gigabit Ethernet, web interface lacks in monitoring of the router’s settings.

The Verdict: The Vizio XWR100 Dual Band Wireless Internet Router is highly recommended to those who wish to purchase a router under the $100 mark. This product not only has great performance but also keeps its consumers satisfied.

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