ViewSonic G Tablet Review


The ViewSonic G Tablet is a kind of domestic console and not a smartphone like other Android tablets, modeling a unique position in the market.


If an Android tablet wants to go face-to-face with the Apple iPad, it must offer a screen of 10 inches large relatively but most of the Android tablets have screens of 7 inches or less except the ViewSonic G Tablet which has a screen of 10 inches. However, this in no way makes it completely competitive with the Apple iPad.


The length of the G Tablet is 7.75 inches, its width is 10.5 inches, thickness is 0.5 inches and it easily views files, documents and web pages at the size required. The four capacitive touch buttons including the navigation features Menu, Home, Search and Back are situated on the right side of the screen and a pinhole microphone and a reducing port at the bottom edge of it. Other than that a volume rocker is placed on top of it and a USB host port, microSD card slot, Mini USB sync port, power button, headphone jack, power adapter speakers on the left side and integrated speakers on both the left and right sides. However, if you want to hold the tablet in a landscape view, which is preferred by the majority, the grip will cover the speakers. The highlight of the design is tablet’s round onscreen user interface. Android customization is optimized with a lot of widgets and interactive apps making it very appealing. Other than this there are many other utilities which are very much customizable. It may not be the conventional Android desktop we all know, but fundamentally it caters to the same segment, customizing its organizational tweaks.

Features and Performance

The G tablet features an Android 2.2, powered by NvidiaTegra 2 processor, 16 GB of storage, room for an SD media, wireless support and Bluetooth are other notable features of the tablet. Other than these, a 1.3-megapixel Webcam is placed on top of the screen alongwith the general sensors for regular brightness modification and accelerometer controls.

The Official Android Market is not available to the G tablet, so one has to download applications to the 10 inch machine. It does however provide a link to an online store where one can purchase third party applications but many of these don’t work optimally in the hand held. The support for many popular, favorite applications is absent. Whatever the glitches may be, the playback in media is great, courtesy to the Nvidia processor that ensures optimal visual performance. It supports many formats and supports even the 1080p resolution very comfortably.

Viewsonic claims the battery life of the all new G tablet to be around 8 to 10 hours for an optimum usage. Though there are many reviews in the market that the standby time may reach to the above said barrier, but with optimum usage it rolls for about 5 to 6 hours.  The G tablet is, nonetheless an appealing buy to the users who like to enjoy their media on a sleek, powered 10 inch hand held machine.

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