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Search Engine Optimization Helps You

Keywords are there to help you get more clicks on your website.  These keywords are to be chosen as if you could read someone’s mind and know what they are going to type in the search box to find a specific website.  If your ad is able to capture what people are thinking, they are more apt to click on it, and the more places you have keywords in your ad the more clicks you will get.

Choosing Keywords

There are places online to find keywords that work well, but only use this list as a guide to help you get started.  You do not want to use random keywords, but keywords that are relevant to your website.  If you already have a website and want to expand your internet marketing, you can type a web address from your site into the “Website” field of Google, and it will give you a list of keywords attached to your website.

Remember that visitors will type in different keywords depending on their personality and thought process.  Some people are more specific than others, so that means you need to know what kind of people you want to target.  There are polls and surveys you can do to see what people are looking for, and these allow you to trace back their answers through keywords that brought them to your poll or survey.  Do not get discouraged when choosing specific keywords.  People do not type in keywords once and then quit, they keep typing in keywords until they find what they need.  Your goal with keywords is to be above your competitors.

What is the Motivation of Your Customers?

You need to know your customer’s motivation because that will give you the best keywords.  If you know what is the most used keyword that leads people to your site you can link it to your customers on different levels.  Know your customers, and you will have the advantage.  Companies like My Marketing Team can help you determine this.

First you need to learn the “explicit conversation” that goes on in their mind because that is what they will type into the search engine.  Secondly, you need to know the “implicit conversation” that goes through their mind.  This is the part that is specific and unique to each keyword.  If you know the latter of the two conversations, you can almost be guaranteed to be above your competitors in search engines.

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