Upload Your HD Videos Directly To YouTube Using 720tube


720tube applicationThe built-in 720p camera that is available on the iPhone 4 is one of the reasons I bought it. To my surprise, YouTube won’t allow me to download the 720p resolution on its site. It is actually condensed into a low resolution of 568X320. If your uploading through either WiFi or email, the rules still apply and the video still becomes compressed. I know networks have to have cellular restraints, but this is just silly. There shouldn’t be any rules or restrictions when I use WiFi. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

The 720i Resolution Can Be Uploaded With 720tube

If you have this app, it will let you upload 720p HD movies and it lets you do this straight from your iPhone. The app is FREE as well!  Because the 720tube application was made, I enjoy shooting movies from my iPhone 4. Even when the upload completes properly, I sometimes receive messages that say, “out of memory”. This hasn’t effected any of my uploads. The YouTubes Public and Private and Unlisted categories really need some support as well.

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