Unlocking Motorola Mobiles


Usually, mobile phone companies provide locked Motorola mobile phones and this makes it impossible for you to use the handset with other carriers or get full GSM utilities when traveling abroad. The only way to break out of these restrictions is to unlock your Motorola phone which enhances your phone’s capabilities as well as its market value. Unlocking your Motorola mobile phone can get you the freedom of using any network with the best tariffs and offers. Using cheap local SIM card instead of paying expensive roaming charges is another advantage you can get when traveling to another country. Different phones are unlocked in various ways. However, before unlocking Motorola mobile, make sure your phone has GSM facility because only these phones can be used with multiple SIMs and networks. Secondly, make sure your Motorola mobile phone shows locked message by inserting a new SIM card. If it does not project the unlocking message, it means your phone is not SIM locked. If it does not work with other SIMs, it means your phone is locked and you need to unlock it.  In this article you will find how you can unlock different Motorola phones.

Unlocking Motorola Mobiles

Many websites offer Motorola defy plus unlock service. You can also do this task by your own. Here is a step by step procedure of how you can unlock your Motorola mobile.

  • First off, you need to get IMEI – a 15 digit serial number of your phone, by entering *#06# on your phone.
  • Contact the service provider’s support center to get the unlock code. They will ask for your IMEI which you must give to them.
  • The support center will send you an unlocking code.
  • Reboot your phone with the SIM you want to use with your Motorola defy plus. You will be asked to enter the unlock code.
  • Entering the code would unlock your phone within 48 hours and you can use your phone with any network from then.
  • If you do not get a Popup box to enter the code on rebooting, press and hold * (asterisk key) until you get entry box. Type *#32#, press OK and then enter your unlock code.

You can follow the same procedure to unlock Motorola atrix 4G if you have the unlock code. Getting this code from your service provider is not always easy. If requesting for it doesn’t work, you can purchase Motorola atrix unlock code from online unlocking stores. Some online Motorola phone unlocking software can also be used which require a USB cable to connect to your mobile set and unlock of your phone. Using software tools to unlock your phone is a complicated procedure and may require further knowledge regarding the procedure. Mishandling in this procedure may damage your phone permanently and could ruin your warranty too. If you do not have enough knowledge, you can ask an expert to do this for you to avoid damage.  The best way to unlock Motorola mobile is to buy unlock code from an expert mobile phone unlocking company.

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  1. Ya,I also agree that by unlocking your Motorola phone really enhances your phone’s capabilities as well as its market value and can get you the freedom of using any network with the best tariffs and offers.Thanks for sharing your ideas by writing this article.

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