6 Smartphone Trends That Will Define The Future Of Communication


In past decade we have seen the market for smartphones growing and have seen a lot of change during its growing phase. With innovation and technology combined, there are a lot of new-age apps and trends that are surely going to survive for another decade or so before becoming history. With the trending devices and updating smartphones, one always thinks to sell your old smartphone and upgrade to you better available version in the market so as to experience the best of technology. Here is a list of 6 such trends that will make it to the future and will linger around for a longer period of time.

6 Smartphone Trends That Will Define The Future Of Communication

1. The Wearable Gadgets

The market is flooding with some cool wearable gadgets like the smart watches, Google glasses, on body sensors, etc. Initially the concept was sceptical for its success but the consumer adapted some technically advanced devices with all their hearts. These devices are of multiple uses and have replaced the old conventional ways of doing things in a lot of fields. The wearable gadgets have been trending and have shown a tremendous response by being technically advanced and being cool at the same time.

2. M-commerce

Since smartphones have taken up the usage of computers and laptops for the laymen usage, m-commerce has come to existence. The companies are now shifting from e-commerce to m-commerce by launching their smartphone apps and making browsing easy for their customers. The companies have realized the potential of m-commerce and hence have moved themselves to smartphones. The big brands like Amazon and Flipkart along with others too have joined the league.

3. Payment Wallets

There was a time when people were carrying wallets and paying everywhere they go, but now with payment wallets that are available for all the major operating systems, payment has become a hassle-free option that is just a click away. Apps like Google Wallet and ApplePay have made the exchanges so easy that one doesn’t needs to wait in queues for getting things done now.

4. Nutrition and Fitness Checks

With the technological advancements, people are also becoming fitness freaks. This has made people connect to wearable gadgets like calorie meter that counts how much calories you have burnt while walking or running. Also there are gadgets and apps that measure your heart rate, keeps records of your nutrition by checking the calories in take and many other such things that one needs for a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.

5. Location Sensing

Motion and Location sensing is another great app that has made it to the markets. This is helpful both for general as well surety purposes. It has now become easy to share your location and people can find you just in time without getting lost. Location sensing is also useful for features like geotagging, fitness apps and other apps that demand your location. This also helps in getting the local information about the place you are currently in and helps you know your surroundings better in terms of roads, markets, restaurants and also for security reasons.

6. Smartphones Connected Objects

Now the next level technological advancement that has come to market is the smart devices that can be paired up with the smartphone and are of multiple uses. The devices like home security system, key less home locks, Chromekey and many others that offer better and enhanced experiences with the same smartphone. You only need a smartphone that is compatible with such devices and have been successful innovations that have replaced many conventional and traditional things.

With the advancement in technology that is happening on the daily basis, it is important to keep up with technology. The speed with which the smartphones have taken up the market and has been providing something new and unique to the users time and again it has proved that these are the things that are here to stay in the markets and will eventually become a part and parcel of the day-to-day lives of the users.

Misty Jhones
Misty Jhones is a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of California and graduate of Queen’s University. Her interests run the gamut from global development and world wide affairs to obscure new technologies. On any given day you're likely to find me writing about the latest technologies and their online solution.

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