Unlocking Blackberry Mobiles


Blackberry mobile devices, are widely known for their advanced business and communication utilities. Choosing a preferred network for your device can be difficult if your Blackberry phone is locked and does not support multiple networks. Carriers lock phones to keep customers bound with the firm for a longer period. However, this limits much of your network selection freedom. Getting your Blackberry unlocked can be beneficial for you; you can use your Blackberry phone with SIM cards offering the best tariffs and offers. Using Blackberry when traveling abroad would also become easy as you can use a cheap or local SIM card with your phone which would save your heavy international roaming charges to boot. The resale value of unlocked phones also gets higher as they allow you to select preferred networks. Unlocking can be done in all GSM and GSM/CDMA Blackberry phones without any problem.

Unlocking Blackberry MobilesMany companies may help you in getting codes and unlocking your Blackberry phones. Some models employ complicated procedure to break the lock hence you should consult an expert for this job. However, in some models, you can do this yourself easily in a few simple steps. Blackberry 9790 unlock code can be obtained by calling your carrier and asking for the unlock code. Many carriers give you unlock code without charging a buck. However, you need to meet certain criteria to get this deal. If you do not get the unlock code from your carrier, you can purchase it from a store online. However, an unlock code provided by a third party firm does not work in all cases. Obtaining an unlock code using IMEI is another method you can employ. IMEI is a 15 – 17 digit number that you can find out by entering *#06# in your Blackberry phone. Once you get the code, follow these simple steps.

  • Insert an unaccepted SIM card in your phone and reboot it.
  • You will be asked to enter unlock code.
  • Enter the code provided by your carrier.
  • Your phone is now unlocked. You can freely use it with the GSM network of your choice.

You can unlock Blackberry curve 9380 using the same procedure. However, you need separate codes for each phone as IMEI is specific to each device. Using unlocking software and tools can also be helpful to get your Blackberry phone unlocked. You simply need a USB cable to connect your Blackberry device with your PC and run the software to unlock the phone. This needs expertise; hence it is better if you get this task done by someone who has enough knowledge of breaking Blackberry lock using the software. To unlock Blackberry torch 9860, it is advisable to visit a local store with your phone and ask the specialists to do it for you. This method would cost you a little, but it can save you from damaging your phone. It is better if you get complete knowledge of how you should unlock your Blackberry to prevent problems manifesting in the future. Another convenient method is to get unlock code from any mobile unlocking website and use your Blackberry on any network you desire.

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