Understanding A Few Concepts Associated with PPC Marketing


Internet marketing is all about attracting the eye of the users, luring them towards your website, and then with persuasive layout and other tactics on the website, a business tries to capture and convert the visitor into a lead or sale. When it comes to attracting traffic towards the website, then there is no better way of doing it than application of PPC.

There are different online modes which businesses use to attract relevant traffic towards their website. They use social networking websites, and other websites like YouTube to attract visitors. However, effective PPC management is the most effective of them all. The lines below give a detail about what PPC from a new online marketer’s prospective.

PPC(pay per click):

As the name indicates, that PPC is all about paying the search engine company for every click the ad of a business receives in the search engine. The search engines allow a business to display ads after bidding against a particular keyword. The general trend is that the higher the bid of a business higher would be the ads display position of the respective ad. Thus the more clicks a business receives, more traffic it attracts towards its website, resulting in higher chances of sale. The lines below give the basic concepts and terminologies associated with PPC marketing.

1. Keyword Research:

It is the process in which the business searches for the keyword for which it is going to develop an ad. The keyword research needs to be very thorough as the business would want to have relevant traffic so that no click received by the business goes to waste.

2. Ad Text:

Every ad developed against a keyword needs to be most apt and very persuasive so that it attracts the eye of the searcher and forces the searcher to make some decision and move him forwards into the sales funnel. While writing an ad text:

  • Keep the text of the ad simple and target oriented
  • Do not stuff the text with keywords
  • Select appropriate call to actions
  • Perform a/b testing of every ad text copy.

3. Landing Page and PPC:

In PPC marketing the landing page is of very crucial and utmost importance. The users that click on any particular ad, go to the landing page of the website. if the landing page is well designed and has all the offerings which were mentioned there in the ad, then the user will be more than willing to make any purchase decision. On the other hand, if the landing page of the website is not well designed and doesn’t contain what the user was looking for, then the bounce rate would go high resulting in extra expenditure and nothing else.

4. Cost Per Click:

It is one of the crucial concepts associated with PPC online marketing service. The stats of CPC tell about the cost every click has been costing the campaign. The lower the CPC, higher would be the quality score of the campaign, thus resulting in lower bids and greater rates for the campaign.


In short, PPC is one of the most complicated processes associated with online marketing, however, by understanding the basic concepts and by applying those on testing level can lead to better understanding of the process and consequently higher results.

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