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The studio environment with all the technical photography accessories once largely belonged to the professional photographers. These days, enthusiasts too get a chance to work up their photography skills as the market is full of a range of pre-packaged lighting kits All you need to do is to set up them in your studio and keeping exploring around.

You can buy lighting kits depending on the level of experience and budget.

Let us read further on the types of studio lighting set up. They are of two types, Studio Strobe Flash lighting and Continuous lighting. The Strobe Light is an electronic device found flashing in police and ambulance vehicles. This type of light is extensively used at parties and discotheques, and also in alarm systems, theaters, and for movie lighting purposes. You can even use this lighting set up to import drama and feel to your subject.

The next is Continuous lighting, tungsten, quartz-halogen, and fluorescent bulbs are mostly used to create effect. The positive side is this lighting effect lets you interact with your subject and the changes done on it with the manipulation of light by giving an instant feedback.

We have tested and picked some of the best kits found online and finds worth listing out in this post. The best of lighting kits found online include Alien Bees, CowboyStudio 220 Watt Photo Studio Monolight Strobe Kit, Calumet Genesis 200 2-Light Kit, Lastolite Two Head 500 Watt Tungsten Kit, Interfit EXD400 Softbox Umbrella Kit, Westcott Photo Basics Strobelite Educational 2-Light Kit and Bowens Gemini 400/400 Umbrella Studio Kit.
Please feel free to add your best list in the comments box. See you there!

This guest post is written by James from Apart from being an writer,  James loves professional photography and loves to review about the latest photographic equipment in the market. Have a peek into his suggestions for Muslin Backdrops and Muslin backdrops background

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