Tritton AX51 Pro Review


When it comes to gaming, there is nothing more frustrating than a head set that simply cannot give you the sound of action. A cheap, low quality headset can ruin the best songs out there. So stop wasting your money on purchasing third class $10 headsets and set out to get this amazing headset, The Tritton AX51 Pro, which happens to be a fantastic gaming headset. It gives a 5.1 audio experience through the In-line Controller and its various independent drivers. Brought out by Tritton Technologies at PAX 2009, that are the industry’s best when it comes to creating new games and latest game devices. They know and understand the need of a great audio device if any excellent gaming experience is to be achieved.


The Tritton AX51 Pro has a 1x 40mm front, a 1x 30mm rear and center along with a 1x30mm subwoofer installed for each of the ear piece. There frequency produced is around 20HZ-20KHZ by the front, rear and center parts. The subwoofer itself produces a frequency of 20HZ-20KHZ which is a common frequency of most sub woofers. With all this frequency combination, you may get to hear some brilliant low thumping music that seems to be a treat for the ears. Imagine playing Prince of Persia with this headset plugged in.

Inside The Box

The packaging itself is simple and does not boast of anything much. The headset is connected to a cord and there are separate departments in the box for each of the device part. You will find a power adapter in the box that is used for enhancing the quality of amplified audio. There is also an in-line analog jack adapter that can be used to install directly in the motherboard or in the various audio ports. They are neatly designed with separate colors for each of the plugs, so you won’t be confused over them. There is also the Mic boom which acts as a sole device. You are also provided with extra ear pieces for replacement.


The Tritton AX51 Pro is a gadget that boasts of a shining gun metal gray finish that really makes it look like a device meant for full action. The headset itself is pretty light which means you won’t have to feel like you’re wearing a helmet on your head instead of a headset. Even though the headset has a number of metal materials in it, it still retains the quality of being light. The padded head helps the head band to equally balance the weight and therefore the ear doesn’t seem pressurized at all. The overall design seems to be very comforting for any user who needs to wear a headset for a prolonged period. The price is $66.14USD which is quite affordable, keeping in mind its positive attributes. Get this device and enjoy your latest games with a passion. You can also use this for getting the best audio from music and movies. Tested by experts, this product has become a sensational headset that is recommended by all gaming geeks.

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