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When you live in such a modern and high-tech world as we do today, it’s nice to escape back into nature every once in a while! Yet why not combine the two, mixing your passion for gardening with some of the coolest iPhone and iPad gardening apps around!

Here are my recommendations for the top 4 apps that gardeners everywhere will find invaluable once they’ve given them a try…

1.       Botany Buddy £6.99
Don’t let the above-average price put you off – just wait until you read what this comprehensive app can do!

It’s got a database of over 1,300 plant species which is added to on a regular basis so if you’re looking for information on a certain plant, or are trying to identify a mystery species in your garden, this app is sure to have the answer.

It doesn’t even need the Internet, storing all of the information right on your phone, perfect if you’re out on a hike where there’s no Wi-Fi signal for miles around!

2.       Flower Pedia £2.99
Similar to Botany Buddy is this cool database of over 1,500 flower species with high quality images so you can easily identify those in your garden or local area – again, no Internet connection is required.

Plus, you can take your own photos to add to the app and share them with friends who have the app too. Discovered a cool flower you want to show off? Just snap and share!

3.       Garden Designer £6.99
Again, this one is pretty pricy, but when you consider the enormous cost of hiring a professional landscaper £6.99 will suddenly seem like mere pennies!

Perfect for those planning a garden re-design, you can easily create a full-colour, bird’s eye view of your dream garden including flower beds, trees, decking and even metal garden furniture. You can even choose the species of tree you want in each space!

It’s only available for the iPad, but then you’ll want a big screen anyway to create your new landscaping design.

4.       Gardening Daily 69p
Last but not least, at the most affordable end of the spectrum is this news-style app that is like your own little gardening magazine right on your iPhone and the best bit is, you only pay a one-off 69p fee and then you’ll get free gardening hints forever!

Check it regularly for new and interesting articles such as tips on helping your plants survive the winter or how to go about growing sweetcorn at home.

Do you know of any other really cool gardening apps? Tell me your recommendations below…

Estelle Page is an interior designer with an affinity for unique garden designs! She loves to revamp her garden from time to time, getting her inspiration from nature, her organisation from her gardening apps and her tools and seeds from Capital Gardens

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