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Handling your finances has never been an easy task. Unlike what everyone thinks, not only are the rich people must keep track of what’s on the market. Even those who are not so rich must be updated to what’s happening in the market despite their busy schedules. With today’s technology, it is now easy to be on the go while keeping yourself abreast with the latest news on finance through the use of your own Smartphone.

The continuous rise of Smartphone has given people a promise of making life easier with applications that may help manage personal finances that will help you be on top of everything. With numerous lists of financial apps, it is difficult to find the reliable ones. Luckily, with research, here is a list of 20 of the most reliable apps out in the market that will help you with your finances while you’re on the go.

1. AnyOption – Binary Options

If you want to trade in binary options or with binary option brokers, 24/7, anywhere, anytime, then this app is perfect for you. With an average rating of 4.5, this application is guaranteed to offer you the best binary options trading platform right on your mobile phone. Using this, you can enjoy real time trading wherever you may be even if you have no prior experience. It also features Call and Put binary options for different stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. It offers you fast and easy deposits and withdrawals. There’s more – to discover such great feature then you must go and download this app. Never worry, for it is offered for free.

2. Binary Options Strategy

Good news to all those who want to keep in track with news and updates on binary trading – the number one portal to what are binary options trading and strategies can now be accessed in your Smartphone. The Binary options Strategy features content regarding Daily Markets as well as analysis Premium. This truly offers you the most innate and beneficial news feed about binary options and strategy straight to your phone.

3. BlackGold

BlackGold is the perfect app for everyone who always wants to be up-to-date with everything going on with the oil market. This app features a silver tracking, along with state-by-state petrol tracking and an updated user interface.

4. Bloomberg for Smartphone

For all those who are constant visitor of the Bloomberg website then this is a must-have for your Smartphone. All features found on the website can also be experienced in this app – check latest prices, read news articles, look at up-to-date charts and manage an online portfolio. Minutes after the live airing, you can also listen to the podcasts on the Bloomberg radio. Users of this app really get to experience Bloomberg anytime, anywhere, giving it a 3 star rating.

5. CNBC Real-Time

Missed an update on CNBC? Worry no more, for you can surely find this on CNBC real-time app. Here you can get exclusive breaking news, videos, and stories straight from CNBC itself. You also get to browse Live and Real-Time stock charts and quotes and have your very own personalized stock watch list. Gaining 4.5 star rating, users in the financial world are truly benefiting from this app.

6. Daily Stocks

If you are really looking for an app of great help and is willing to spend money on it, I highly recommend this app for you. It is filled with stock scans derived from a number of volume and price indicators. It filters stock markets nationwide and shows you the stocks exhibiting high potential profit. With its slick looking charts and helpful features, users give this app a 4 star rating – not bad if you’re looking for an advanced stock app.

7. FOREXTrader by

Straight to your Smartphone, the FOREXTrader delivers you the features and advantages to be found on With this app, you’ll be able to examine rates of more than fifty currency pairs, trade with various other types and have access to the latest news from There is no wonder users give this a 3.7 star rating.

8. FOX Business

As its name implies, the FOX Business gives you the most up-to-date financial reports and market updates directly from FOX Business! Allowing you to be connected to the stock market 24/7, this app has features allowing you to create a portfolio of your own in order to be updated with what’s happening on your stock. Keeping up with the latest financial updates has never been this easy –gaining itself a 3.9 star rating.

9. Google Finance

Want genuine real time stock quotes? Then Google Finance is apt for you. It not only provides you real-time quotes for stocks, it is also coordinated with your portfolios from Google Finance making it easier for you to access latest charts and news from the market. Gaining negative ratings from the users, it receives a promising 3.6 star rating.

10. iTrading by Banc De Binary

Especially made for those who want to trade binary selections on your Smartphone, iTrading features a trading platform that allows you to trade oil, currencies, stocks and gold. Promising you a safe and reliable trading application, you can invest money and earn more than 75% within an hour. Getting mixed up comments and reviews from users, it gets a 3.1 star rating.

11. Kcast Gold Live!

Assuring you that you will get relevant, up-to-date market news in your Smartphone, Kcast is the app for you! In this free app, you can get the latest quotes for metals, indices and oil and get updates from news, commentary feed and videos at Kitco. With a 3.5 ratings from users, this app may be the one you are looking for.

12. Money18 Real-time Stock Quote

A free app that gives you real time market prices, it is none other than Money18. It features inclusive stock market news and updates delivered to your Smartphone, along with stock recommendations and Intraday charts. It also enables you to build your own portfolio where you can keep a look out a numerous stock at once. Its latest version receives a 3.7 star rating.

13. NetDania Forex

Receiving positive feedback from users and a 4.5 star rating, NetDania is an app you must have. People in finance are obsessing with this app for its updates regarding quotes on currency and stock exchanges worldwide. Moreover, it provides you a remarkable feed regarding worldwide economic data releases. Giving you up-to-date notifications of economic releases, there’s no wonder this app is liked by many.

14. Opteck online trading platform

Earn money anytime, anywhere with the Opteck online trading platform! Featuring a reliable and safe trading application, you can trade commodities, indices, currencies and stocks using your Smartphone. It connects you to the market anywhere in the world helping you earn more than 85% of your invested money within an hour. Getting a 5 star from a user, this app may be the next big thing in finance.

15. Options Wizard

A simple yet powerful app – that is how people describe Options Wizard. This is a truly dynamic calculator which allows you to calculate your potential profit or loss based on numerous option strategies. It evaluates stock options strategies and prices for you to see what’s best for you. This is rated 4 stars by its users.

16. Stock Watcher

Allowing users to receive up-to-date stock details, there is no wonder Stock Watcher getting a 4.1 star rating. This app features Financial News, technical Analysis Charts that you can zoom, numerous widgets and portfolio and many others. Synchronized with Yahoo Finance, this is considered as one of the best stock tracker application.

17. StockSpy

Not only known for its remarkable charting interface, StockSpy is used worldwide for you can research individual stocks for it features news resources, well-known finance websites and investor relations contacts in your Smartphone. Gaining 3.5 star rating from users, you would definitely not regret paying for this app.

18. StockTwits

Since Twitter has been making its way to the top of social networking sites, it isn’t surprising that the finance has entered the world of Twitter. It is an app that you must go to especially when you are looking for which stock has been recently trending. You can easily connect to the website and join in conversations with other people regarding finance. Receiving a 3.5 star rating, this free app is truly a must-have app.

19. Thomson Reuters Marketboard

Whether you are a professional, a student or a market enthusiast, the Thomson Reuters Market Board is an ideal app to straightforwardly grip equity performance from all around the world and easily review events, news and researches in the market. You can save documents from your researches so you can still browse them even if you’re offline. Its new version gains 4.5 star rating proving that this app is improving and shows potential.

20. USAA Mobile

Gaining a 4.7 star rating for numerous users, this app proves to be fast and easy to use. USAA Mobile allows users to have a secured and instant access to their accounts straight from their Smartphone. You can also gain access to your contact list making it easier to look for people when transferring money or negotiating.

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