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Addition of music to any video can make it look marvellous. It won’t be wrong to say that music can even become the soul of any video and make it popular and worth watching. A video can’t be said to be complete without any music in it. Any video which is full of emotional or even other types of scenes or even natural beauties can seem to be monotonous if it is devoid of music. Almost all people like music and listening to music while watching any video helps in keeping interest of the viewers alive in it. Music also helps in enhancing comprehensibility of any video sometimes.  Here are some tips on how to add music to a video. Have a look.

Decide and select the music– First of all you need to decide about the type of music to be added to your video. It is because the music to be selected by you for the video must be in sync with its theme. For this, you may explore various music files or CD’s or even you can get fresh music recorded for your video to make it look appealing and original to the viewers.

Making file for the music to be added- In order to simplify the entire process of adding music to your video, you should make a separate file of the music. It helps in easily adding the music to the video. In case, there are multiple tracks of music to be added to the video then you can make separate files for the same and number them as per their addition sequence in the video.  It helps in avoiding any confusion later on and saves your time.

Uploading the music file– Once you have finalized music for your video, you can upload it to the video editing system. Remember that multiple music files need to be added one by one as per their requirement and sequence in the video. For this, you have to follow the instructions of the software being used by you that may require you to drag and drop the music file into the audio area or soundtrack area of the video editing system. Alternatively, you can also accomplish the same task by navigating the location of the music file and upload the same in the soundtrack area.

Editing of the music file- After uploading of the music in the audio track area, you may make required changes or add audio effects to your music file as per requirement of the video. As an instance, you can make the voice of the music loud or soft or make it fade in or fade out as per unique requirements of your video. Apart from this, you can also make other changes in your music file such as those related to the volume, pitch or tone of the music. All these help in making a perfect sync amid your video and the music added to it so that the entire video may become awesome.

Final checking- Once you have made all the changes, you must run the file and have a final look at it so that you may notice any discrepancies or other changes that may be required to be made in it.

Following these simple tips, you can add music to your video.

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