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Apple’s iPhone5 has many new features and updates significantly different from previous smartphones. Here is the lowdown of what you will find on the new device.

First thing different about it is easy to notice. New iPhone has grown in length to ”make room” for 4-inch screen with a 18% higher pixel density over the iPhone 4S and 44% better color saturation. This makes it the most accurate display made so far. New smartphone iPhone 5 comes in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB for 200$ and more and it will be available from 21 September on.

Thanks to the size of a screen, new apps now have more space display information. This iPhone version is lightest and thinnest smartphone so far. It is entirely made of glass and aluminium in Apple recognizable colors – black and white.

New Apple smartphone is compatible with latest wireless technology compatible with networks and telecom system around the world. Apple is collaborating with the largest companies in every part of the world in order and to enable LTE support for all parts of the world.  So you are able to switch from a one network to another.

Apple built in the A6 microprocessor chipset which is two times faster than the previous A5 chip. This this processor allows for better graphics performance, together with iOS improvements for more quality gaming.

All these features do not have a significant impact on the battery life – it should last for 8 hours of talk and same as for LTE browsing and as much as 10 hours of video playback.

Camera Improvement
New iPhone 5 has the same 8 megapixel sensor which is smaller than in 4S, and it also has a better image-sensor processor. It improved dynamic low-light mode and it significantly improved quality of low-light photos.

With camera sensor and image processing improvement, iPhone 5 takes photos 40% faster than previous model. It has better precision lens alignment and does a better job with reduction of spatial noise.

With iPhone 5 panorama pictures can be taken in 28-megapixel shot mode helping you with the horizontal movement the phone will determine the linear path of a photo and keeps it from being blurry. Taken photos can be then uploaded and shared through Photo Streams.

Better Sound
In order to make improvements with audio, iPhone 5 has three microphones and it has improvements in the built in speaker. New EarPods are more persistent and provide better quality of sound. Their new design allows for better and more natural fit.

Apple developed 8-pin dock connector called Lightning to replace its legacy one. It is 80% smaller than 30-pin connector, reversible and it is supposed to be more robust.  Apple has updated its line of accessories to fit, but it also made an adapter plug for those who want to use their old accessories.

Mobile Operating System 
Apple developed an iOS 6 as a mobile operating system for iPhone 5. It has new features, which include Photo Stream and Panorama Mode to assist functionally mentioned above.

Serge Kozak is an avid technology consumer and a lead cloud software engineer at Edictive.

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