Five Sustainable Covers Priced Under $50 For The iPad 3


So you just invested hundreds of dollars on a shiny new iPad 3 and you need a quality case to serve and protect. But not just any case will do, an eco case that is cool, protective and good for the environment is what you fancy. Sustainable and inexpensive – it must be. It’s a common misconception that a product has to be expensive in order for it to be functional and of good quality, but our five eco picks below prove otherwise.

Five Sustainable Covers priced Under $50 for The iPad 3

Recycled iPad 3 Case

This upcycled iPad case is made from recycled suit coats and lined with super soft foam fabric, the front closes with a recycled trunk latch and the back has storage pockets for convenience.

Price: $48.00

Evo-Vue iPad case

Made with less toxic eco leather, this unisex eco iPad case is free of chlorine, petroleum and sulfuric acids. It has a sexy design, provides comfort and total unit protection. Plus it doesn’t hurt that this cool eco iPad 3 case is on the low end of the price scale.

Price: $9.75

Eco-friendly PET iPad Sleeve

Beautifully designed, this iPad PET case is compatible with all versions of the Apple iPad. It’s made from recycled PET containers and provides slide free comfort and basic scratch protection.

Price: $14.99

Cool Jean iPad 3 Sleeve

This unique iPad denim sleeve is made from high quality denim jeans. It features storage pockets in the back and closes with a zipper. It’s lined with extra soft material and provides water resistance, shock resistance as well as stain resistance. The case is also washable and lightweight.

Price: $12.20

FeleCase iPad 3 Sleeve

Handcrafted in Warsaw, this iPad 3 felt sleeve case is made with the use of 100% wool felt and 100% vegetable tanned leather straps. This fashionable sleeve is totally sleek and will protect your Apple iPad 3 from the elements of wind, dust and minor dents.

Price: $34.00

Did you enjoy our eco case picks for the iPad 3? If so, let us know below in the comment area. If not, tell us that as well. Essentially what you will want to keep in mind when it comes to finding a sustainable product is the material used, where it’s made and how it’s made. Once you find these three things out, you’re one step closer to a possibly good eco product.

Look for things like organic cotton, hemp, felt, jute, straw, and anything recycled including recycled wood, recycled leather, recycled aluminum and so on.

Guest article by: Missy Diaz who writes about fuel cards for small business and other eco topics on the web. When Missy is not writing killer articles like the above, she fancies a tall mocha choca latte, a good book, a good walk and generally being outdoors.

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