Time For In-flight Gaming To Improve Say Leading Carriers


Many of the world’s leading airlines are calling for the quality of inflight games to improve significantly. As conveyed on the official Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) blog, carriers as significant as Emirates have been voicing their concerns that even games on passenger’s smartphones are superior to the ones found on seat back in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems.

The technology is available for a better flying experience

At present, the standard of games available to passengers does not get past the level of the likes of Tetris and Bejeweled – the technology for these games is decades old and can be played on the simplest of handsets. This is something that needs to be remedied as soon as possible with the more powerful Android based IFE systems entering the market. This technology will allow for higher quality, interactive games to be played very easily which will of course enhance the experience for passengers.

It’s not just kids who are into gaming!

It would also be a mistake to presume that these games are played only by youths. In fact, the average age of the typical gamer is 30 with 37% of players aged 36 or over. So, the extra technology would certainly be taken advantage of by the majority of passengers.

Well known brands are keen to enter the market

There does however seem to be light at the end of the tunnel for inflight games. Rumours abound that computer game giants such as EA Sports and PlayStation are set to enter the market. As well as this, IFE heavyweights Thales have also devised a system that represents the sort of technology one would have watched on sci-fi programmes decades ago. The screens can be controlled using bodily movements, voice control and even the eyes in order to play desired media.

Bahrain’s flagship airline has also been revelling in the advantages of the latest technology, televising a 24-hour sports channel which entertained passengers this summer with coverage of the Olympic Games, Formula 1 and more.

Improving passenger experience

With the above concerns being voiced by the globe’s premier airlines and the exciting developments occurring technology wise, it must surely be a matter of time before passengers are enjoying long haul flights all the more. The abundance of movies, TV programmes and games that can be enjoyed on such enticing hardware could end up with passengers not wanting to leave the plane – that is as least the aim of Patrick Brannelly, Vice President of Emirates.

Written by Sam Murray, an ardent blogger, traveller and freelancer writer.

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